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Since the arrival of the first iMac G3 in 1998, All-in-One computers have become an alternative for those looking for the power of a desktop with the versatility and space savings that laptops provide. These types of “All-in-One” computers integrate all the components on the screen and include a keyboard and mouse for use. In this way, we will not have to have an extra PC tower. It is clear that in this sense the best All-in-Ones. They have many advantages, but also some cons.

So, is it worth buying an All in One or is it better to evaluate other options? We are going to cover this in this guide, where we will talk about who should opt for an AIO, its advantages and disadvantages, as well as comparing them with laptops.

Should I buy an All in One computer?

If you are not clear on how to choose a computer, surely you wonder if the All in One are worth it. Although there are models of different ranges, the main reason why you would want to opt for an AIO is the possibility of saving space on your desk to have everything organized.

Not so much if you are looking to save some money since at the performance-price level it is more profitable for you to opt for a desktop computer. The same is true if you are looking to move it from one site to another. Although it is more comfortable than a desktop, it falls far behind compared to a laptop.

Therefore, if space and aesthetics are important to you, opting for a high-end All in One like an iMac or its alternatives would be worth it. But if you are going to opt for mid-range models, I still think that a compact desktop is better where, in addition, you can update its components for the future.

Regardless, we are going to analyze what the advantages and disadvantages of the All in One are so that you can clarify your ideas in a more objective way and according to the use that you are going to give the computer.

Advantages of All-in-One computers

Advantages of All in One computer
Advantages of All in One computer

The design of the All-in-One computers is one of its main advantages. Having all the components integrated into the display helps you have more room on your desk and fewer tangled cables around you. Think that these AIOs only need a power cable plugged into the power outlet. In addition, although the example that we have given at the beginning of this guide of the first iMac was too big, now we find ultra-slim screens with a modern and very elegant style.

These new slim and compact All-in-One computers are usually accompanied by wireless peripherals (mouse and keyboard), so you will have even fewer cables involved. An idea that occurs to me as an advantage is a possibility of having a large 28″ screen and performing tasks on the AIO from the sofa or bed.

For home use, medium-performance All-in-One computers are ideal in this regard. They are easy to assemble and you will not have to be aware of the available space in your room or living room. In addition, it will be enough to plug it into the network and turn it on to be able to use it. Beyond configuring your home WiFi network, they do not have much more mystery at the configuration level.

If we compare them with desktops, they also have the advantage of not having to buy a monitor, mouse, keyboard, and tower separately. Although depending on what you already have at home, it can be much more profitable to buy a powerful tower and add it to your set-up.

Finally, the portability of All-in-One computers is another of their advantages as long as we compare them with desktop computers. In no case can they match a laptop in this regard. If the mobility of your computer is important to you, we recommend our guide to lightweight laptops.

Disadvantages of All-in-One computers

Disadvantages of All-in-One computers
Disadvantages of All-in-One computers

It will be rare that you find a gamer or a professional working on an All in One computer unless it is a high-end model like the iMac. But here lies one of its main disadvantages: the price. For the 1,400 USD on average that the last one costs iMac 2021, you can get high-end laptops and towers with brutal power.

Although the compact and slim design of an All-in-One computer may seem like an advantage, you will have to compromise on power in most models. We often find models with fewer components such as a dedicated GPU or 512 + 1 TB storage space that we see in some laptops.

Many of them even use mobile processors inside to take advantage of space. If you are looking for speed and performance for your day-to-day, laptop processors and graphics cards they are more powerful.

Another disadvantage that we mentioned at the beginning of this post is that All-in-One computers cannot be updated. If you are looking for a computer to play with and want to renew your GPU or processor in a few years, it will be impossible with these computers. For this, it is best to have an expandable laptop or a desktop.

You are also much more likely to have overheating issues with AIOs due to the slim design as all components are compactly mounted. Overheating can cause the device to shut down unexpectedly and drastically reduce performance.

All in one vs Laptop: Which is better?

All in one vs Laptop Which is better
All in one vs Laptop Which is better

Without a doubt, the best laptops have no point of comparison with All-in-One computers. They have a better value for money, better features and the possibility of transporting them wherever you want.

In summary, I would only recommend an AIO to those looking for more home or office use. Unless you can raise your budget and you like this type of equipment, where you can opt for a high-end and performance iMac with which you can use all kinds of programs.

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