All The Ways To Connect Your Smartphone To Your PC

There are numerous reasons why the need to connect the smartphone to the PC arises. For example, to download captured images, share documents, listen to music, or surf the Internet using your mobile phone as a hotspot. On the positive side, there are numerous options available to achieve this. Let’s examine them one by one.

How to connect smartphone to PC with cable?

How to connect smartphone to PC with cable
How to connect smartphone to PC with cable

The fastest way to connect the smartphone to the PC is via USB cable, especially congenial when there is a large amount of data involved. To do this, unplug the charger and connect the small end of the USB cable to your smartphone and the large end to a USB port on your PC.

The message Allow access to phone data appears on the device and then press Allow. Then wait for the automatic opening of a new window on the computer in which the name of the mobile device and all its folders appear.

Then open one of the folders containing the content to be transferred to the PC, then complete the operation with a copy and paste.

How to connect smartphone to PC without cable?

how to connect smartphone to pc without cable
how to connect smartphone to pc without cable

The steps to follow if we decide to connect the smartphone to the PC without the cable, but using the home or office web line do not change. A fundamental condition is that both devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Then it is necessary to refer to a specific application to be downloaded both on the PC and on the smartphone. Let’s think for example of AirDroid in the case of Android devices or iTunes for iPhone.

In the first case, connect to the AirDroid registration web page and complete the account registration procedure. Then download the AirDroid app from the Play Store, open it and log in using the credentials you stored when you registered. The device management page then appears through the intuitive interface of the AirDroid Web platform.

How to connect your smartphone to your PC to surf the web with Bluetooth

How to connect your smartphone to your PC to surf the web with Bluetooth
How to connect your smartphone to your PC to surf the web with Bluetooth

One way to connect your smartphone to your PC is through Bluetooth technology.

To do this, you must first activate Bluetooth on your computer. In practice you need to click on the Start button, select Settings, then click on Devices and Bluetooth and other devices. Now move the lever from left to right next to Bluetooth to activate it.

The next step is to turn on Bluetooth on your smartphone. To do this open Settings, tap on Connections, and move the switch next to Bluetooth from left to right. The third step is to pair the phone with the PC. From the PC, follow the path Start -> Settings -> Devices -> Bluetooth and other devices. Then click Add Bluetooth or another device and select Bluetooth to start searching for the phone. Once found, click on the name of the mobile.

A code appears on both screens: on the PC select Connect, and immediately after on the phone tap Pair to complete the association. Finally, click Done. Now you can transfer files from your phone to your computer via Bluetooth.

How to connect your smartphone to your PC to surf the web

But if there’s another reason why you may need to connect your smartphone to your PC, it’s surfing the web. In practice, it is a question of using the data connection of the mobile device to connect to the Internet with the PC. It consists in fact of connecting the phone to the PC with a hotspot.

The first thing to do is turn off the Wi-Fi connection on your smartphone. To do this, drag your finger from top to bottom on the screen to open the notification curtain, then choose the Wi-Fi icon to turn it off. After that, you have to activate the personal hotspot and then open Settings, go to Connections, select Wi-Fi router and tethering, and next to Wi-Fi router, move the switch from left to right to activate it. Then configure the personal hotspot or tap on the Wi-Fi router tab, select Configure, choose the network name and password to assign to the hotspot, and tap Save to store the settings.

Connect through hotspot
Connect through hotspot

At this point, the final step is to connect to the hotspot from your PC. To do this, click on the Wi-Fi icon located at the bottom right near the clock. Locate the name of the smartphone, type the hotspot password and wait for the PC to connect to the network.

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