Apple generated $380 billion in revenue this year

Apple is one of the companies with the largest market capitalization in the world, but it is also one of those which generates the most sales and makes the most profits. Enough to be richer than some nations.

Our colleagues from Apple Insider compared all of Apple’s revenues to the GDPs of different countries around the world. Impressive figures highlight the financial power of the apple brand on a global level.

Apple Is Richer Than Many Nations

Four times a year, Apple presents its financial results, regularly announcing revenue records. Figures that are not always easy to understand by ordinary mortals. Comparing this information to the GDP (gross domestic product) of the States has the merit of putting it into perspective and realizing the power of Apple.

The company obviously does not have the same attributes as a nation, but its revenues are enough to make some budget ministers pale.

The latest figures communicated by Apple are those of the third quarter with 82.959 billion in turnover. To give you an idea, this places the Californian company in 70th place in the world ranking, just ahead of Sri Lanka and its 82.5 billion GDP and behind the Sultanate of Oman and its 83.6 billion dollars… for three months of activity.

Over the last four quarters, Apple has garnered $387.5 billion in sales, not net results. What to place 39th on the list of GDP established by the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Just ahead, we find the Philippines (393.6 billion dollars and approximately 110 million inhabitants) in the 38th position. 

Tim Cook’s company is ahead of the United Arab Emirates ( 358.8 billion in 2020 ), Malaysia (372.7 billion), and Denmark (395.7 billion), which are respectively 41st and 42nd in the ranking.

However, Apple is still far from competing with the wealthiest nations in the world. To put this into perspective, France is 7th in the ranking with a 3,140 billion GDP, and Canada is 9th with 2,189 billion. Apple is therefore not close to joining the top 10 if it ever happens. And, we must add, it is rather reassuring…

Ranking Apple Products And Services

Certain “branches” of Apple rival the smaller nations on their own. This is for example the case Our colleagues from Apple Insider compared all of Apple’s revenues to the GDPs of different countries around the world.

Impressive figures that highlight the financial power of the apple brand on a global level.40.665 billion in revenue in the third quarter, iPhone sales brought the company more than the GDP of Bolivia, 94th in the rankings with $39.8 billion in GDP. Over the last four quarters, the 201.7 billion from the iPhone are just ahead of Iraq’s GDP (53rd with 198.3 billion dollars).

The Services are also increasingly profitable for Apple. The Californian giant announced 77.2 billion dollars in turnover over the last four quarters, slightly more than the GDP of Ghana, 72nd with 76.4 billion dollars. Over the same period, Mac sales generated $37.8 billion, which is more than the GDP of Estonia, 98th in the ranking with $36.3 billion.

Last January, Apple became the first company in the world to hit $3 trillion in market capitalization, before falling back to $2.25 trillion in early October. Impressive figures that highlight the financial power, and therefore the influence, that Tech giants can have on a global level.

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