Apple Is Preparing To Eliminate Any Physical Key From The iPhone

Whether you are part of the group of detractors for the scarce Announcements or of the fans excited one thing is certain: the new apple iPhone 14 Pro. They are excellent devices capable of great photos (be they the best or not it doesn’t matter) e they are selling very well.

That said, undoubtedly even more users loyal would have appreciated some more news, above all the long-awaited door USB-C.

Apple Is Preparing To Eliminate Any Physical Key From The iPhone

Well, it looks like it won’t be necessary for that wait for a lot, since Apple itself explained that by 2024 yes will fold to the European Union and will sell, at least in Europe, iPhone with a USB-C port. But apparently, the next iPhone 15 Pro even if he won’t be the first to leave the door lightning will have some interesting news.

According to the known Ming-Chi Kuoin fact, the next iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max they may not have any more physical buttons for the power on and the volume adjustment.

According to Kuo, Apple could “adopt a design of the button to solid state (similar to that of the Home button of iPhone 7/8 / SE2 and 3) to replace the physical/mechanical buttons on the two flagship models of the iPhone 15“.

According to the analyst, the new solid-state buttons will be equipped with Taptic Engine additional to provide tactile feedback just like the trackpad Force Touch on a recent MacBook, thus increasing the number of Taptic Engines used in each iPhone, from one to three.

As already happened in the history of Apple, this is not new. Already HTC with his U12 plus had proposed one similar solution also provided by LG for its rollable and the Velvet 2 Pro (never showed up). As for the HTC smartphone, the implementation, especially about the volume control was not optimal and had since been abandoned, but it is not difficult to believe that the house of Cupertino will “reinvent the wheel” in a more way effective.

Kuo, however, foresees that the Android OEM will recover the same approach for their top-of-the-range, coincidentally after Apple’s announcement. This is in order not to be left behind, especially from the point of view of marketing, and demonstrate power answer back blow for blow. Who knows why they haven’t done it before, one wonders.

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