Apple pauses some advertising in the App Store

Since Tuesday there are more announcements within the Apple App Store. This measure is being highly criticized, both by users and application developers. It’s integrated into most sections of the store, but the company has already had to back down with one type of ad after a lot of criticism.

Apple pauses some advertising in the App Store

Gambling-related ads have been paused on the app store. The criticisms have had an effect and these ads are no longer shown for the time being.


Less Ads

After this increase in advertising in the App Store, it has been above all ads for gambling or casino apps that have gained presence in the store. Sports betting, casinos, lotteries and other games of chance can be seen in such advertisements. These ads were even displayed on the pages of apps that help people with addictions. This is something that has generated outrage from users, who have openly criticized Apple.

Apple allowed advertising on any site , so casino apps could be seen on other pages that have nothing to do with them or even on these apps or pages dedicated to helping people with addiction problems. The company confirms that they have now paused these types of ads.

At the moment it has only been confirmed that these types of ads in the App Store have been paused. It is unknown what changes will be made to this ad policy that will help prevent this from happening. What is clear is that the increase in advertising in the store is not something that those from Cupertino are going to reverse.

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