iphone iOS 16.0.2

Apple has been updating the new iOS 16 at a fast pace, always looking to improve what it offers the iPhone. It wants to solve situations not only in the new models but also in the older ones that have been in the hands of users for years.

After we have seen the news in the last 2 weeks, there is now another update. iOS 16.0.2 has just arrived, looking to resolve some more open issues that are causing problems for users.

As with the previous update, Apple wants this new version to fix problems that were recently detected. These are problems that iOS 16 brought and that users were complaining about, some even exclusive to the new iPhone 14, which arrived on the market last week.

What iOS 16.0.2 Solves

Apple thus gathered several fixes in iOS 16.0.2, releasing it for the iPhone and its users. Thus, this update provides important bug fixes and security updates for iPhone, including the following:

  • The camera could vibrate and generate blurry photos when using some third-party apps to capture on iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max.
  • The screen could appear completely black during device setup.
  • Copying and pasting between apps could cause a permission warning to appear more frequently than expected.
  • VoiceOver might be unavailable after rebooting.
  • Addresses an issue where touch input was unresponsive on some iPhone X, iPhone XR, and iPhone 11 displays after being repaired.
Apple iOS 16.0.2 update
Apple iOS 16.0.2 update

Update Addresses The Camera And Copy/Paste

The problems that were affecting the new iPhone 14 Pro are thus resolved, especially with regard to cameras. As we showed, this presented strange behavior and abnormal noise, associated with vibration, when used in apps external to Apple.

At the same time, and after many requests, the authorization to paste text in apps has also been simplified and will reduce the number of authorizations. The new version is now available and can be installed on the iPhone, through the normal process that Apple has had in place for several years.

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