Apple The Only Brand That Grows In The Computer Market

The third quarter of the year continues to show the negative trend of 2022 in the computer market except apple. Overall sales have fallen, with most companies seeing drops of between 15% and 30%. Apple is the exception and becomes the only one that has seen its sales increase in this period of the year.

Apple Grows In The Computer Market

Those from Cupertino have seen how their sales have grown by 40% compared to last year, good news in a market that is still in the doldrums.

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Mac Hardware

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Computer sales fall in the third quarter, 15% compared to the second quarter of this year. The main brands have notable falls, both year-on-year and compared to the previous quarter. HP is the one that falls the most in both cases, a clear contrast with Apple, which grows 40% year-on-year. Also compared to the second quarter, clear growth is seen for those from Cupertino.

This allows them to now double the sales of ASUS, which was until now its closest rival. Another detail of interest is that the sale prices of computers continue to rise, having already been five quarters in a row in which this has happened. Manufacturers are prioritizing premium models, due to chip shortages, so these are the ones users buy.

Everything indicates that the last quarter of the year will not be especially positive either. Most likely, sales will grow compared to the third quarter, due to the holidays and Black Friday, but 2022 will close with a drop in sales in this market. Apple is probably the only exception in this market and it will probably continue to grow.

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