Apple Watch: How To Update Apple Watch Fast?

You have just bought an Apple Watch and, after the usual configuration, you now want to check for new updates on your smartwatch. A classic!

Even if you are using Apple Watch for the first time or you are not familiar with “smart” watches, monitoring new updates on the device is one of the simplest operations that can be performed with the wearable: just a few taps on the screen are enough and a lot of patience, as you will have to wait for the download and installation of the new versions (minor and major releases) of watchOS, the operating system for Apple Watch.

On the other hand, updating Apple Watch is very important to solve any bugs reported by users and access the latest innovations introduced by the company with the “bitten apple” logo.

In this article, we will therefore explain how to update to Apple Watch and download new updates to the watch. It will only take a few minutes, I promise!

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How to upgrade to Apple Watch: the requirements

Before entering into the “heart” of the procedure, it is advisable to review some essential requirements for the successful outcome of the procedure. 

As explained by the appropriate Apple support page, three requirements are essentially required to update the Apple Watch to the latest version, which we summarize below:

  • The smartwatch must have at least 50% battery life remaining. Otherwise, the system will allow you to download the new version of watchOS, but you will not be able to start installing the latest release. In these cases, the advice is to put the smartwatch on a charge, also because the entire update procedure could take a long time, with the risk of finding yourself – at the end of the procedure – with the device “on the ground”.
  • The iPhone paired with the Apple Watch must be connected to a WiFi network, which – we add – must be stable and secure
  • Finally, the iPhone must be running the latest version of the iOS operating system. You can check for new updates on your iPhone by tapping on the Settings app, then clicking on ” General ” and selecting the ” Software Updates ” option.

The last piece of advice we want to give you is to keep your smartphone and smartwatch close since it is a procedure based solely on a Bluetooth connection, which generally has a very limited range.

How to update Apple Watch from iPhone

How to update Apple Watch from iPhone
How to update Watch from iPhone

After these appropriate and necessary premises, let’s now see how to update Apple Watch. There are two different ways to complete the procedure: the iPhone and the smartwatch itself. You choose which method to use.

We will first explain how to update the Apple Watch from the iPhone. We immediately anticipate that the steps are more or less similar to those that are performed to download new updates on Apple smartphones and tablets. 

The first thing to do is unlock the smartphone by entering any recognition method set (Touch ID, Face ID, or code) and opening the Watch app, which is then the “hub” for managing the Apple Watch.

Now touch the Apple Watch panel and press ” General “, then enter ” Software update “: the system will automatically search for the availability of new updates and, if successful, will offer you to download the latest version currently released by Apple.

At this stage, you may be asked to enter your iPhone or Apple Watch passcode to confirm. We recommend that you do not restart your iPhone or exit the Watch app throughout the update process. Once everything is done, Apple Watch will restart automatically and will be ready to show you all the latest watchOS news.

How to update Apple Watch from smartwatch

How to update Apple Watch from smartwatch
How to update Watch from smartwatch

Now let’s see how to update watchOS from the WatchAttention, however: this procedure is valid only for smartwatches with the watchOS 6 operating system or later versions on board. 

If your model meets this requirement, you can continue reading. Otherwise, you will need to follow the steps in the previous paragraph.

The convenience of this second method is that you can install Apple Watch updates without using iPhone. Convenient, isn’t it? But how to do it? We tell you right away.

First connect the smartwatch to the WiFi network (to do this, simply swipe down from the main screen to open the watchOS control panel and from there press the WiFi symbol).

Once this is done, open the Settings app directly on the Watch and first press on ” General ” and then on ” Software update “. Again, this is the same classic procedure provided by Apple to download new updates on iPhone and iPad. 

The system will check for new updates and, if successful, will offer them to you. To install the latest release, just click on ” Install ” and follow the instructions on the screen. Attention, however: to complete the procedure, your Apple Watch must have at least 50% of residual autonomy. 

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