Apple Will Launch A 16-inch iPad

Apple’s iPad range is going to continue to grow in the future . The company is working on a new model, which would be the largest to date within this range. It is a 16-inch tablet, a launch that would surprise many and for which they will have to wait at least a year.

Apple will launch a 16-inch iPad

The largest models stay around 13 inches, but those from Cupertino seek to go a step further with this launch scheduled for the end of 2023.

Apple 16-inch iPad
Apple 16-inch iPad


This 16-inch iPad would be a launch with which Apple hopes to win over graphic designers and artists. A larger screen and high resolution would allow them to carry out their work without any problem. It would be a launch with which the American firm would seek to obtain a significant market share in this market segment. There may also be functions intended for this type of user.

This 16-inch model will be the largest in the Cupertino catalog. Several leakers suggest that the company would launch two models, one 14-inch and the aforementioned 16-inch. Both would be launched in said upper segment, to win over this type of user.

If all goes well, these two new large iPads will be official next year. They should hit stores in the third quarter of 2023 . Although there is no confirmation from Apple at the moment, so the dates on which they will be official remain unknown at the moment. We will be attentive to more data on this new range of tablets.

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