Apple Will Take A Percentage Of The NFT Sale

Apple hasn’t gotten too involved with NFTs so far, but the company is looking to cut it. They have updated the rules of the App Store, so that they will be able to take a percentage of their sales, if they occur. Since the payments will have to be made using the purchasing system of the firm itself.

Apple will take a percentage of the NFT sale

All operations will have to be processed using the Cupertino purchasing system. This assumes that they take a commission.


If any app on the App Store trades NFT, they’re going to have to pay Apple 30% of every trade made. Following this change in store regulations, the company will be able to clearly benefit from developers who make the decision to trade with NFTs. In addition, this commission will not be something that is limited only to the purchase or sale, but also the transfer, generation or listing of the NFTs will be something that allows them to obtain commission.

This decision comes at a somewhat unusual time. Especially if we take into account that the NFT market has lost some steam these months, with prices that have fallen significantly. It seems that those from Cupertino are late, somehow.

In any case, with this new measure, Apple wants to ensure that they take a portion of the NFTs. In the event that there are sales or marketing of these tokens in the App Store, the Cupertino firm will always take that 30% in operations. A decision that is already generating criticism, so it will surely be heard more soon.

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