Best Video Calling Apps On Windows

Especially in recent years, video calls have taken on an increasingly important role. For example, during a health emergency, it was one of the most used methods to stay close to our dearest loved ones. After all, making them is simple and all you need is a good internet connection and a device such as a mobile phone or a computer.

Make video calls there are various applications, each with its own peculiarities. They are all simple to use and quite similar in functionality. Obviously, there are some more suitable, for example, for group video calls and others that ensure better audio and video quality.

Specifically, in this guide, we will recommend the most used apps in this area on Windows computers. These are well-known software and are widely used by users. However, it is always wise to “refresh” your mind.

Best Windows video calling apps

  • Whatsapp
  • Skype
  • Zoom Meeting
  • Google Meet
  • Discord


Among the most used programs for Windows to make video calls, WhatsApp, the well-known messaging app, also very popular on smartphones, is certainly included. The use of the software, among other things, is simple and immediate.

After downloading and installing the program, simply open it to scan the QR code. To do this, you need to start the app on the phone, press the button with the three dots icon, click on “Connected devices” and finally on “Connect device”. Now you need to frame the QR Code of the PC with the phone’s camera and it will be possible to WhatsApp on a computer.

At this point, just open the chat in question and press the handset icon (to make a traditional voice call) or the camera icon to make a video call. At the end of the call, simply press the icon with the red handset.

WhatsApp Video Call Icon
WhatsApp Video Call Icon


skype video chat
skype video chat

Another well-known program for making video calls is the one signed by Microsoft or Skype. The software, similar to WhatsApp, allows various functions, including text messages, calls, and video calls (including groups).

As for use, after downloading it for free from the official website and completing the installation, simply locate the contact you want to video call – also through the “Contacts” list at the top – and press the video camera icon, located at the top right.

As soon as the user answers, the video call will start. To end it, simply press the icon with the red handset.

If you do not want to install the application, simply connect to this link and click on the “Create a free video call” button. A link will be created to send to the desired contacts in order to make a video call.

Zoom Meeting

Zoom Meeting
Zoom Meeting

So far we have seen two free and easy-to-use applications. Now let’s move on to software designed for video calls, but more aimed at events such as university lectures or business meetings. We are talking about Zoom Meeting which, however, compared to the other two already mentioned has a “neo”, that is, it is payment. In fact, it is basically free, however, you have to pay, for example, to make group video calls for over 40 minutes. In this case, in fact, it is necessary to subscribe to an annual subscription of at least 139.90 dollars.

For operation, after downloading and installing the program, simply press the “Sign in” button to log in and then click the “New Meeting” button (located at the top left).

After granting permission to the program to use a webcam and microphone, click on “Join With Computer Audio” and the video call will start.

To invite the participants, it will be necessary to press “Invite”, then “Email” and send the invitation link through the various email clients. Alternatively, you can also copy the link and forward it as a simple text message. As soon as the link is received, the user only has to press on it.

Google Meet

Google Meet
Google Meet

Another solution for making video calls on Windows is represented by the use of “Google Meet”, a video conferencing platform developed by Google for the purpose of organizing and participating in virtual meetings. The only requirement is to have a Google account to log in. 

The software, as explained by the Mountain View giant, has the following limitations:

  • For users with personal Google Accounts: The maximum number of participants allowed in one meeting is 100
  • For Google One subscribers with at least 2 TB of storage: The maximum number of participants allowed in a meeting is 100
  • For Google Workspace users with a work or school account-  The maximum number of participants allowed in a meeting depends on the version of Google Workspace.

To start a meeting on Windows, on the other hand, you need to:

  • Go to Google Meet
  • Click on the “New meeting” button.

At this point it will be necessary to select one of these options:

  • Create a meeting to start later:  You can copy the meeting link and share it with attendees. To participate, simply paste this link into a browser or enter it in the “Enter a code or link” section and click on “Participate”
  • Start an instant meeting: You can create a new meeting and join directly. 
  • Schedule in Google Calendar: You can schedule a meeting and you will be directed to Google Calendar.



Discord, especially in recent times, is experiencing great popularity. The messaging software, in fact, is widely used especially in the gaming field, even if its functions are many. For example, you can send messages, make calls and video calls as well as send files or share your computer screen.

Right now, however, we are only interested in explaining how to make a video call with Discord. The steps to follow are:

  • Access a direct chat already started;
  • Select the “Home” button on the top left
  • Click on “DM” to the right of the server list
  • Press the “Start Video Call” button (on the top menu).

There is also the option that allows you to “transform” a voice call into a video call, as explained on the official website: ” If you are already engaged in a voice call, you can enable the video by pressing the button with the video camera icon in the panel when you want to end the video, you can press the camera button again to turn off the webcam.”

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