Chrome, Firefox, Edge: Settings, Tricks, And Extensions To Make Them Safer And Faster

Browsing programs also hide settings, tricks, and extensions that help make the user experience more satisfying. You have to go and look for them because they are not immediately visible, but their usefulness is evident. Let’s think, for example, of the option to speed up the opening of pages or to raise the security level. Be it Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, or Google Chrome there is always something to discover.

In other words, compared to the basic settings, the user retains a large margin of customization. There is nothing secret, but simply functions that are hardly noticed if they are not known. Here are some of the most interesting tricks to try.

Microsoft Edge: Home button reset and faster page opening

Microsoft edge
Microsoft edge

Speaking of tricks that prove invaluable in optimizing the browsing experience, there is one in Microsoft Edge that allows you to reset the Home button. In practice, the button with the display of the home page is disabled on the browser.

Few things? Up to a certain point because it could slow down surfing the Net. Just then Click on the Menu button, select the Settings item from the displayed menu, click View advanced settings and put the switch in correspondence with the item Show Home button on Enabled. At this point, with the menu, it becomes possible to adjust the profile.

Like other navigation programs, Microsoft Edge also allows you to speed up the opening of web pages. To do this, you need to type about: flags in the Edge address bar and press Enter on the keyboard. Then scroll down the displayed page, locate the Enable TCP Fast Open item in the Network section and then place the check mark on the relevant box. Then restart the browser to apply the changes. Enabling the protocol increases page loading speed by up to 40%.

Mozilla Firefox: how to increase browser performance

Mozilla Firefox
Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox brings a series of hidden settings to improve browser performance.

For example, let’s try typing about config in the address bar and then pressing enter. After clicking on I accept the risks, we can use the search bar above to locate these items:

  • browser. fullscreen.animate browser.preferences.animateFadeIn
  • browser. tabs.animate

Each of them causes the wording to appear false in correspondence with the Value column. The utility? Increase the speed of surfing the Net. The entries network.http.pipelining and network.http.proxy.pipelining allows instead to make the entry true appear in Value. In parallel, we can also disable add-ons and plug-ins that are not needed to gain speed in using Firefox. You need to click on the Menu button at the top right and then Add-ons and Extensions or Plugins. At that point, locate the element to remove and click on the button to deactivate it or the one with which you can access the options and disable their use.

A curiosity: with Test Pilot, you can preview the new functions of Mozilla Firefox.

To do this, type in the address bar, press Enter, and install the Test Pilot extension.

Google Chrome between printers is always available and quick commands

Google Chrome
Google Chrome

Among the points of distinction of the Chrome browser program is the support for Google Cloud Print by the new printers. This is the technology with which to print via the web from any device. The Mountain View navigation program integrates this option. To use it, after connecting the printer to your computer, just type chrome: // devices in the address bar and press Enter. At that point click on Add printers under the heading Classic printers. Then deselect all the options, except the printer to add, and click on Add printer.

From one function to another, to force the closure of a site just press Shift + Esc, go to the menu, and move to More tools / Task Manager. Under the Tab item, the sites are listed, but the plug-ins and apps active in the background are displayed through the task manager.

To close the page of the targeted site, for example, because it is not responding, just select it and click End process. To block the collection of telemetry data in Google Chrome, with a lot of repercussions on the resources used, you need to type chrome: // settings in the address bar. Then click on Show advanced settings and uncheck Automatically send usage statistics and crash reports to Google.

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