Chromebook Vs Laptop: Which One Is Better For You?

You want to buy a new computer but you have a question: Chromebook Vs Laptop. Which one is better for you? Which computer best suits your needs? When you want to buy a new computer many doubts arise.

Although the Apple Macbook and Chromebooks are also portable computers, they have become almost different categories in the eyes of many users, and it is precisely those differences that can make you choose one side or the other. In this guide, you will be able to know all the details to help you with the choice. Of course, you should also take into account the best alternatives to this year’s MacBook Pro.

Chromebook Vs Laptop: What is the difference between them?

Before continuing, it would be interesting to be clear about the differences between Chromebook vs laptop so as not to lead to confusion.

A Chromebook is a laptop with Google’s ChromeOS operating system and manufactured by different official suppliers (Lenovo, Samsung, Acer, HP, ASUS, Dell, and even Google itself). The architecture, in this case, is x86 or ARM, depending on the model.

On the other hand, a laptop is a compact, battery-powered computer that is easier to carry than a desktop computer. The architectures on which these computers are based are usually x86, although there are also some ARM, PPC, etc. Operating systems can be varied, although the predominant one is Windows. Sometimes you can find some with GNU/Linux distributions, etc.

Finally, Macbooks are nothing more than Apple-branded laptops, with the macOS operating system. They are currently based on the ARM architecture, specifically on Apple Silicon chips.

In short, they are all laptops, so when you buy a Macbook or a Chromebook you are not buying “something else”, and they can all perform the same functions, as well as being made up of more or less the same elements (battery, screen, etc.), touchpad, keyboard…).

Advantages and disadvantages of Chromebooks

Advantages and disadvantages of Chromebooks
Advantages and disadvantages of Chromebooks

Chromebooks have some advantages, as well as disadvantages when compared to other laptops. These strengths and weaknesses are key to helping you choose your next laptop.


The advantages of a Chromebook are pretty self-evident:

  • Price: They are very cheap equipment, even the most expensive Chromebook is usually priced similarly to the cheapest conventional laptops. You can get them for prices that can range from $200 to $400 on average. They are a good choice if you are looking for cheap laptops to watch movies.
  • Speed ​​– Despite its modest hardware, the ChromeOS operating system moves very quickly, and you’ll even be able to boot up in seconds.
  • Autonomy: these teams usually have very good autonomies, some reaching 13 hours. They achieve this for several reasons, one of which is the more modest hardware, and the smaller screen.
  • Security: Perhaps, along with the price, it is another of the most outstanding attractions of ChromeOS. This Google operating system is based on Linux and has very interesting security solutions that will make you not have to worry about malware and other threats.
  • Parental control: it can be interesting for families since it allows you to create and supervise home accounts to set limits on the online activity of children.
  • No data loss: thanks to the fact that ChromeOS has Google services very integrated, and is designed for the use of the cloud, you can always have your data accessible from anywhere (GDrive offers you 100 GB of free storage for 2 years for the purchase of the Chromebook) and safe so that they are not lost even if the laptop breaks or you lose it. You can even take advantage of apps like Sync to always have your favorite apps, Chrome browser passwords, and more automatically synced.
  • Updates: you will always have the system and apps updated automatically and without any hassles. So you will get the latest features, bug fixes, and security patches without worrying, without constant reboots, and without interruptions…
  • Mobility – Chromebooks are lightweight and compact laptops, so they’re easy to take with you wherever you need to go. It is even above the average of the rest of the laptops.
  • Android apps: ChromeOS is compatible with native Android apps, so all the apps you have on your smartphone can also be had on this device, and even more. Millions of utilities and games are at your fingertips, such as Adobe, Microsoft Office, Whatsapp, Telegram, and much more. This on a laptop running Windows, macOS, or another operating system would not be possible without an emulator.


Of course, like any other device, the Chromebook also has some disadvantages compared to a conventional laptop:

  • Performance: These devices are quite fast to move ChromeOS and compatible apps, however, if you want a laptop for gaming or for heavy loads (compilation, virtualization, encoding, rendering…), then you should not go for a Chromebook.
  • Storage: Although they have a cloud solution, if you like to store data and apps locally, you should know that Chromebooks are somewhat limited in this regard. You can find them with capacities of 32 or 64 GB. Nothing to do with laptops with much higher capacities.
  • Compatibility: since it is not the most used operating system, you will not find support for the most popular software, nor drivers or controllers to be able to add peripherals. Therefore, it will be somewhat more limited in that sense.
  • Connection to the network: another of the disadvantages of Chromebooks is that you will always need a connection to the network (as happens in Android since many apps need access to the network and do not work offline) since it has many services that don’t work without it. As you know, it is a very cloud-based system…

Who should opt for a Chromebook?

Chromebook Vs Laptop: Who should opt for a Chromebook
Chromebook Vs Laptop: Who should opt for a Chromebook

Given the advantages and disadvantages of the Chromebook, the cases in which one of these devices should be purchased over others are:

  • Students: they are cheap and allow you to take notes, store them in the cloud to share them and never lose them, work, with a multitude of educational apps, stay connected, attend virtual classes, etc. In addition, being so compact and light, they can be carried to classes comfortably.
  • Families: perfect for families where the equipment is used by all members, with separate sessions and accounts and with the possibility of controlling the use and access to the Internet of minors with the functions integrated into ChromeOS.
  • Beginners and seniors: It is a very minimal and simple operating system, without the need for maintenance or to worry about security problems, failures, etc. A perfect platform for those starting out in computing or for the elderly.
  • Work: In some cases, it can also be a reliable, robust, stable, and secure platform for working online. In addition, you can also count on Chrome Enterprise with business management tools and include Google’s security TPM chip for added peace of mind. Of course, as long as the company does not depend on a specific software/device that is not compatible with ChromeOS.

Who should opt for a laptop?

Chromebook Vs Laptop: Who should opt for a laptop
Chromebook Vs Laptop: Who should opt for a laptop

In other cases, it is preferable to opt for a conventional laptop and forget about a Chromebook, since the limitations and disadvantages of these will make it not productive at all:

  • Gamers: Although there are many video games for ChromeOS, gamers and eSport fans should forget about a Chromebook, even if the video game they play is compatible since the performance and possibilities of these devices are not optimal. In that case, better opt for a gaming laptop.
  • Flexibility: If you need the flexibility to use a multitude of software, support peripherals, make modifications, etc., the best will be a conventional laptop in which you can do almost everything, and even install the operating system of your choice. This is possible by choosing a custom-made laptop. On a Chromebook, this is much more limited.
  • Heavy workloads – If you need high performance for the work you do, like virtualization, video encoding, compilation, etc., better buy a high-performance laptop or mobile workstation.

Chromebook Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]

Can I use Microsoft Office on a Chromebook?

Yes, you will be able to use Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and company on your Chromebook. It will simply be the version adapted to Android that you can download for free.

Why do Chromebooks have so little storage space?

Being such lightweight equipment in terms of software and hardware, Chromebooks need little memory. Especially since most of the apps that you are going to use are designed to be stored in the cloud, but you can always count on one of the best external hard drives.

Can I play Windows games on Chromebook?

Forget playing your PC games on a Chromebook. These teams are designed for light tasks that do not require large processors or graphics such as gaming laptops.

Can Chromebooks get viruses?

No one is ever virus free. But it is true that Chromebooks are less exposed than Windows computers. Of course, be careful with the files and third-party applications that you download.

Our verdict: Chromebook vs laptop

As it is, the best option for many is to use a Chromebook in addition to a laptop. No solution will work for everyone, and no solution will be ideal in all situations. The important thing is to find the best combination of a Chromebook and a laptop that suits your needs. This may mean that you have to experiment with various devices to find out what works best for you.

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