Chrome RAM consumption is a problem, but the solution is close

Despite being by far the browser plus popular in the world, Chrome (here is our guide on how to use the “Paths”) is not exempt from defects One of these has harassed him for a long time and is his celebrity. “hungry” for RAMwhich makes it very difficult to keep many tabs open on low-performance computers.

But maybe there is one light at the end of the tunnel and in the last canal construction Canary (the one dedicated to features under development) of the program, a user noticed two new experimental scenarios which, if activated, allow you to save memory Y Energy.

The Reddit User u/Leopeva64-2 has identified a new page called Performance in the settings menu (chrome://settings/performance) in the latest Chrome Canary build, which contains options for a mode memory saving Y energy saving.

Chrome Performance
Chrome Performance

Memory Saving

The function memory saving (memory saver) will put on hold tabs that have not been active for a while, which will be marked with an icon shaped like a needle on the right side of the address bar.

Chrome Memory saver
Chrome Memory saver

Of course, with the inactive tab, yes. will release their RAM busy, and by multiplying this by multiple cards, you should notice noticeably gets the better performance, especially for old computers or even Chromebook, which typically have limited hardware.

And when do visit tabs again? At this point, it will be reactivated and a pop-up window will tell you how much ram he was released for other activities. The feature can not only be turned on at will, but you can also define exceptions for sites that should not hibernate, such as Youtube (in case you are using it for background music).

Memory saver made chrome faster
Memory saver made chrome faster

Energy Saving

energy saving (Energy Saving) instead turns off the functionality of Update frequency high (fluid flow), gli visual effects and limits the background activity At a time when it is essential to expand the autonomy Of the device

This setting is also identified by an icon (a lightning shape in this case), which will appear to the right of the address bar.

One time clicked, A pop-up window will appear notifying you of the activation of the function

chrome energy saver
Chrome energy saver

As mentioned, these new settings are only present in the latest version of chrome canary and we don’t know when they will arrive stable channel. We hope as soon as possible, but we are always alert then keep going a follow us to always be informed about the latest news!

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