Controlling The PC With The Smartphone: The Most Comfortable And Effective Ways

All the convenience of controlling your PC with your smartphone from anywhere in the house. There can be numerous reasons why this need arises and the potential should certainly not be overlooked both when we are at home and when we are out with the smartphone and have left the PC on at home.

After all, to manage the computer from a mobile, it is sufficient to install an app on the smartphone – equipped with Android or iOS, it changes little – and the program on the PC to be controlled. If the most common solution is TeamViewer, there are numerous other solutions, all effective for performing this operation, which we are now going to discover.

How to control PC with smartphone with TeamViewer

How to control PC with smartphone with TeamViewer
How to control PC with smartphone with TeamViewer

TeamViewer allows you to control your computer from Android and iOS and, as mentioned, it is one of the most popular solutions. Free to download, just install it on the PC to control and download the application. After installing and starting the program on your computer, just remember the number and password provided by the software under the heading Allow remote control to have access.

At this point, with the credentials, it is possible to enter the computer from the smartphone and check what is happening on the screen, in addition to the keyboard and mouse.

The extra step is represented by the automation of access to TeamViewer for which it is possible to use the items available under the Automatic access section, taking care to create a TeamViewer account with which to manage the computer without entering the credentials all the time.

Microsoft Remote Desktop Assistant to control your PC with your smartphone

Microsoft Remote Desktop Assistant to control your PC with your smartphone
Microsoft Remote Desktop Assistant to control your computer with your smartphone

The Professional version of Windows allows you to use a specific tool to control your computer from your Android or iOS smartphone. To configure remote connections on Windows we can refer to Microsoft Remote Desktop Assistant, which can be downloaded for free. There is also an alternative and that is configuring it manually. To do this, open the Start menu and type Remote Access and then select the item Allow remote access to this computer. In the next window, check the Allow remote connections to this computer item and click OK.

The next step is to deal with the configuration of the smartphone.

There are a few operations to be performed: download the specific app on your smartphone from the Play Store or Microsoft Remote Desktop or App Store or Microsoft Remote Mobile. At the end of the installation, start the app and use the button at the top right (in the shape of a +) and select the item Desktop. We reiterate that this option is not available for Home or Basic versions of Windows.

Also, Google Chrome to control your PC with your smartphone

Also, Google Chrome to control your PC with your smartphone
Also, Google Chrome to control your PC with your smartphone

The first step is of course to install Google Chrome on your PC after downloading it. Then proceed with the second installation, that of Chrome Remote Desktop. Once this double operation is done, open a new Chrome browser tab and type the command chrome://apps. Only when you first open the app are you required to enter your Google credentials and confirm your permissions in the next window.

After this initial configuration, the first screen of the program is displayed, and to start controlling the PC from the smartphone, click on the How to start item in the My computers section.

The second click is on the Enable remote connections item. Here a new window appears from which to download Chrome Remote Desktop Host to the computer to control the computer from an Android or iPhone smartphone. Then click Accept and install with the browser downloading an MSI file to install on the PC to activate the remote control.

At the end of the installation, you go on to the configuration or the choice of the PIN for the PC on which the control has been activated. Only now can the PC be controlled from the smartphone. Without closing the Chrome Remote Desktop software on your PC, download the Chrome Remote Desktop app from the Play Store or App Store to your device. One by one, launch the app and select the PC to remote control, enter the chosen password, and start the PC control from Android or iOS.

From one app to another

If these are the most popular solutions for controlling your PC from your smartphone, the effectiveness of numerous other apps should not be underestimated.

The range of possibilities is wide and the way of use is similar. Just install a server on your PC and then control everything with the dedicated app. Any names for Android or iOS smartphones? Remote Mouse, Unified Remote, and VNC Viewer – Remote Desktop.

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