Deathloop New Addition To PlayStation Plus And Xbox Game Pass

Just a few days ago it entered the PlayStation Plus Extra catalog | Premium and Xbox Game Pass the latest production from Arkane Studios: Deathloop. Launched a year ago for PlayStation 5 exclusively, the title now lands on subscription services for the enjoyment of all players.

What is Deathloop?

Behind the name of the game hides an atypical adventure that has the time loop as its main element. Entering the matter, the player plays Colt Vahn, a mysterious character who wakes up on an island called Blackreef. In this, a series of events take place that attracts attention, as we know what is happening without us having previously lived it. Or if.


Deathloop PS5

Deathloop talks about the time loop, about how we must break it to get out of that place. Of course, we will have to repeat the situations over and over again until we find the exit, although for that we will have to defeat the “bosses” that control the loop… and an enemy that will never leave us: Julianna Blake.

If we seek to escape, Julianna seeks to finish us off. Her loop is trying to kill us over and over again, and let it be said: she succeeds quite easily. For this reason, the mechanic oscillates all the time between escaping from Julianna and getting to fruition by eliminating enemies.

The peculiarity of Deathloop

Loyal to Arkane Studios, in this case, its Lyon division, everything that happens in Deathloop takes place in the first person. We see everything from Colt’s eyes, with a large number of objects with which to interact in the environment and face the situations that are triggered.

We can take advantage of stealth to the most direct action to kill enemies. And here comes a positive point: as the game is a constant loop, we know where the rivals are located or what their strengths are. In other words: we have the “advantage” of playing with already-known moves.

However, the sticking point is marked by Julianna. Not only do we not know when she is going to come out, but on top of that… she can be played by another player! This is one of Deathloop’s strengths. Although the main story is represented by Colt, with Julianna we can play to annoy other players in real-time. We will enter their worlds, their loops, to simply end them. Fun, right? Depending on which side you’re on, of course.

The new generation

Deathloop is the first video game developed by Arkane for the new generation of consoles (PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series) in total exclusivity. Without going any further, there are not many games that are exclusive to the new consoles, since they are generally being intergenerational with Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

By this, we mean that the French studio has been able to take advantage of all the benefits of the new generation without having to look to the past. And yes, it shows: the game is very fluid at 60 frames per second in a totally stable way. In addition, the graphic section looks above his last two works, Prey and Dishonored 2.


To this we must add, we are not going to deny, that setting the entire work in a fictitious decade of the sixties feels scandalous. The characters have personalities, from the protagonists to the last enemy. In addition, the entire stage also enjoys that setting, with an artistic direction that enters through the eyes.

Deathloop is an interesting proposal if you like games with temporary loops, where dying and trying, again and again, is not only the story but also the game mechanics. Give it a try, and on top of that, you have it included at no additional cost within the subscription services.

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