FreeDOS Or Bare Metal Laptops Are They Worth It

More and more people need to install it on their laptops they buy a certain operating system. They don’t want to pay for a Microsoft Windows license (included in the price) if they are going to remove it later to install another one. Therefore, choosing a FreeDOS laptop in these cases is the best option. That is a laptop that does not include any pre-installed operating system to have the freedom of choice.

You may want to install a GNU/Linux, FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, DragonFly, OpenIndiana, or even a different version of Windows 10 for any compatibility reason or whatever. Then? Why pay for a Microsoft Windows license and then end up removing Windows to install the other system. It’s nonsense and with FreeDOS computers you avoid problems.

Another case in which it would not be appropriate to buy a laptop with Windows 10 pre-installed is the case in which we want the Windows 10 Pro version. This version for professionals and companies can be a good alternative to the Home version.

There are indeed laptops with Pro pre-installed, but most are usually Home and that limits the number of possibilities we have to get a specific hardware configuration together with Pro.

In addition, with a FreeDOS we save money by not paying for said license, so we can get somewhat superior hardware at a fairly reasonable price. On the other hand, with Windows pre-installed, the same hardware would have a higher market price by having to pay for said license and the work of the equipment assemblers for having installed Windows for you.

Clarifications on the term FreeDOS


We have used the same designation that can be seen on other web pages or in the PCComponentes store itself, among others, so as not to create confusion for users who are looking for this, but I would like to clarify that this term is not correct.

Surely there is a lot of confusion between terms like FreeOS, FreeDOS, and no-OS, but they are not the same and as we are going to see, in many cases the terms are misused:

  • FreeDOS – is a free and open-source DOS operating system, that is, a command-line-based operating system. It is an alternative created to Microsoft’s MS-DOS. For this reason, some use it as a synonym for not having an operating system and it is incorrect since if they were laptops with FreeDOS they would be laptops with a pre-installed operating system.
  • FreeOS: is a term that is also often misused in some English-speaking stores to also designate computers that do not have a pre-installed operating system. But it is a term that should be used to designate all those open-source and free operating systems such as GNU/Linux, FreeBSD, FreeDOS, Darwin, Minix, and many more. More about FreeOS here.
  • no-OS: this would be the correct term for those computers that do not have an operating system installed. Since you don’t have anything pre-installed, you can choose the operating system to install. Therefore, perhaps we should have called this article like this and not FreeDOS but, I repeat, since the error is so widespread, perhaps we would generate more confusion.

Some laptops indeed come with FreeDOS (free for which no license is paid) as something basic to be able to test it and then install the operating system you want, but in this case, they are not without OS, but we will have to eliminate FreeDOS and install the one we want. In any case, whether they come preinstalled with FreeDOS or if they are non-OS, it is normal that we install a different OS after buying them, so for practical purposes, it is the same…

What should I know?

Microsoft OEM licenses
Microsoft OEM licenses

Well, it’s pretty simple. Simply what you should know to buy any other laptop or if you are looking for custom laptops. Just one extra detail and that is that if you are a user without computer knowledge, a FreeDOS may not be a good option for you if you do not have the help of a professional or technician to install the operating system you want, since it can be something complicated for less experienced users to install an OS.

Some say that FreeDOS may have an additional disadvantage, and that is that Microsoft OEM licenses for these manufacturers tend to be cheaper as they are delivered for high-volume PC sales. But if you already have a license from another computer that you are no longer going to use, you can save that money. And if you are going to use a free operating system, much better.

In addition, there are second-hand license stores that sell authentic Windows licenses at very cheap prices, since they come from company computers that have been dismantled, requisitioned, or that have been stopped using for any reason, and to earn money they have given to this type of stores that then resell them cheaper. You can find licenses at ridiculous prices.

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