Google Doodle: Challenge your friends with the new Halloween

We all know the Google Doodle alternative version of the logo of the Great G. to celebrate national events, historical figures, events, and much more (this is how they were born).

Google Doodle: Challenge Your Friends With The New Halloween

In some cases, they’re not just fun animations or celebratory graphics but real minis games (the best PC games) that allow us to challenge online our friends. It is the case of The Great Ghoul Duelan online multiplayer game launched by Google on the occasion of Halloween in 2018and now re-proposed in an, even more, key frightening.

All you have to do is open the search page by Google with a browser, from a computer or device mobile, click on doodle and start a game. You will be presented with a link to send to your friends (up to 8 participants), but you can too participate alone.

Despite The Great Ghoul Duel 2 having greatly expanded the original title, the core mechanics have remained the same.

In full Halloween style, you are a ghost who must collect the spiritual flames that you meet on your way and deposit them in your base. The more you collect, the more you will have the chance to earn points and press, but your tail will stretch accordingly and if you are too greedy a rival ghost can touch it, robbing you of the flames.

Compared to the 2018 edition, the new game has a new invincibility that allows you to defeat rival ghosts without fear of their spiritual flames and new achievements are stolen from you, each of which unlocks a hat special and a cameo from Momo, the star of Magic Cat Academy.

The Great Ghoul Duel 2 is based on the Google Cloud Platform And Open Matcha multiplayer game system open source created in collaboration between Google Cloud and Unity and will be available for a few days on the search page Google in some countries, but you can still access it from doodle archive even later.

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