Google, Microsoft, Samsung, Amazon, and Intel Are All In Crisis. Apple Is Resisting For Now

The chip crisis and the war in Ukraine have deeply engraved on the global economy, and in the last days of October, the stock exchanges showed a general nervousness resulting in a meltdown of the technology sector on Wall Street.

Google, Microsoft, Samsung, Amazon, and Intel Are All In Crisis

Large companies of high tech like Samsung, Intel, Meta, Amazon, And Google have in fact registered substantial losses despite profits not really in red, and if Apple manages to overcome the waited, it is above all the forecasts for the medium-term to sink I markets. But let’s try to understand what is happening.

That the world of technology is in crisis, is a fact. Shipments of smartphones And computers are in decline and in general, the market is in strong contraction, as evidenced by the last call to the earnings quarter.

Let’s start with Samsung, the worst from an earnings point of view. The new CEO Lee Jae-Yong third generation of the dynasty is in command of a company that has registered an annual decline of net profits of 23.6%mainly due to the chip crisis, with forecasts for 2023 not exactly reassuring due to the persistence of geopolitical situations.

Strong contraction also for Intel, which reports a 15% drop annually as regards the useful, a result above expectations given the decreases in revenues of the order of 22% in previous quarters. This, and the announcement to carry out cuts of 10 billion dollars by 2025 (together with 20% of the staff cut), made the stock bounce on the stock market, which registered a + 7%.

We arrive at Google And Microsoft, whose shares plummeted by 7% despite not exactly disappointing accounts. With regard to Google (the largest digital advertising provider in the United States), revenues are growing, but at a rate never so low since 2013, which worries investors. Moreover, even if the results of the cloud platform are above expectations, advertising on YouTube recorded the first drop since the results are released separately, which prompted CEO Sundar Pichai to admit that it is a difficult time for the advertising market especially when compared to the unbelievable 2021.

Also, Microsoft grows, with revenues up 11% on an annual basis and profits down but above expectations. Nonetheless, the disappointing results of the cloud sector (positive but below expectations) pushed the title below now down 26% from the start of the year.

The same goes for Amazon with higher profits positive expectations and revenues (+ 15%) but less than expected which, together with the forecasts for the medium term, caused a stock market collapse of 12.4%.

In this scenario, it shows the great fear of bags and the lack of solidity in the current results, the only one to keep some optimism is Apple. Despite iPhone sales down compared to last year, Mac sales have allowed towing the accounts of the Cupertino house beyond expectations, with revenue up 8% for a turnover of 90.10 billion dollars.

Also for Apple, however, the situation is quite volatile, with the stock down 18% from the beginning of the year (nothing compared to Meta’s -24.56% which recorded losses of 27.7 billion dollars) and in general a situation on Wall Street in marked contraction.

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