Google Pixel 6a and Buds A

Google Pixel 6a is super discounted on Amazon with the Pixel Buds Series A earphones for free. They can be taken home, both, for only € 399.00.

Today we want to talk to you about a simply excellent product that, thanks to the crazy discounts of Prime Days, you can take home for only € 399.00 with free earphones. We refer to the excellent Pixel 6a from Google that arrives together with the Pixel Buds Series A.

For those unfamiliar with it, this is the entry-level phone of BigG’s premium range that offers incredible performance thanks to the peculiarities of the first-generation Google Tensor processor. The headphones are great and are really great for what they do. The sound is rich in details, they boast top quality even on the telephone front, and are available in various colors. The case always remains white though.

The colors of Google products are very soft, almost pastel. They honestly have personality and style, and they follow a predefined look. Returning to the promo, we invite you to hurry up because we don’t know how many stocks are available on the site.

Google Pixel 6a and Buds Series A: what a combo at this price point

First, we talk about the Pixel processor, the SoC Tensor which is made by Google and makes the device safe, powerful, and reliable, but also fast and responsive. Applications open in a heartbeat, and everything loads instantly and works great.

The battery adapts to the needs of the user and can last even more than 24 hours. Being adaptive, it fits perfectly with the system in order not to waste superfluous and useless energy; moreover, it recharges quickly.

Google Pixel 6a and Buds Series A
Google Pixel 6a and Buds Series A

The camera allows you to portray faces with a unique naturalness and the software will be able to give you joy. At this price, it is a truly unique combo: headphones and phone, all part of a single large Google ecosystem: only € 399.00 with shipping costs included in the cost of the devices. Hurry up, we repeat: they could be snapped up.

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