Google Wants You To Use The Side Panels On Chrome

Google seems intent on redesigning Chrome to be more development horizontal. After introducing the side panel for favorites and reading lists the latest update of the most used browser brings a feature set including a side panel for the search results.

This will allow you to have an eye on all the results, without having to go back and forth between the main page and the same. But this is just one of the latest news, let’s find out all!

Side panel to compare search results faster

Google Side panel
Google Side panel

Through a post in his blog, the company of Mountain View has announced the arrival of a new sidebar that will make it faster to control one result series from Research.

After doing a search and clicking on a result you will find in the address bar, on the right, a little google icon.

Clicking on it will open a sidebar that shows all the results you just went through, so you can easily compare them. Clicking on a result from that position will open the page corresponding to the main board, or you can perform a new search. To close it, you can click on the“x” icon at the top right of the panel or on the side panel icon (favorites and reading lists), which will light up when the search sidebar is in use.

Their function which recalls (although more limited) that of Edge, certainly is useful to keep an eye on different results without having to open multiple tabs or have to come back continuously back to the main page. But above all, it is interesting how it overlaps with it sidebar we were talking about at the beginning. Unfortunately, you cannot switch between them, and if you click on the sidebar icon it will only come closed, but it is not certain that in the future there will be greater interaction between the different functions.

Price tracking comes to the desktop

Price tracking
Price tracking

Also new is the price tracking function, which will save you money time, and money, at least in theory. After having introduced it in Android And iOS, now Google announces its arrival even on desktops.

Here’s how to go about keeping track of the price of a product in multiple online stores at the same time, bearing in mind that you must be logged in with your Google account in Chrome.

  1. Go to an online store and find a product you want to track.
  2. Click on Track price in the address bar.
  3. Click on Track price to start tracking the article.
  4. When Google identifies a price reduction, vi will send an email (to the account you are logged in with), just like other tools, such as Keepa for Amazon
  5. To stop tracking a product, click Price monitoring in the address bar, then click on Cancel track.

This, in theory, is because we have not been able to view the tab in the latest version of Chrome, so maybe it’s still in the distribution phase.

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