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If you are looking for one of the best technology rental or leasing platforms, you will surely come across Grover, one of the most popular and that every day has more popularity. These types of platforms are a good resource if you want to try the latest technological developments on the market, such as the new iPad Pro M2but don’t have enough budget to buy it.

We are going to tell you what Grover is and how it works, in addition to showing some of the opinions of users who have already made use of its technology rental services.

What is Grover?

Grover is a German company that has expanded in Spain through which you can rent some technological devices at a very low cost and then return them. It has all kinds of devices, such as computers, laptops, consoles, mobile phones, drones, and more.

In this way, if you have doubts about whether a particular model of the device meets your needs, you can try it for a while and then return it. It is a way to get rid of doubts and make a safe decision about whether or not it is definitely worth buying it.

Although it can also be very useful if you have a specific project and need a more professional team but do not want to buy it. Another use for Grover is to do product reviews for your page or channel without having to rely on brand affiliations.

Grover will send you totally new or “pre-owned” products but in perfect condition, something like the reconditioned products that we can buy in some marketplaces such as Amazon or PcComponentes. You can be calm because the company will take care of formatting them and cleaning all traces of files or data that the previous user may have left.

How does Grover work?

The process to rent technological products with Grover is really simple, comfortable and easy to use.

The first thing you should do is access Grover’s official website and create an account from the Registration section located at the top right. You can also do it from the app available at google play Y app store.


Once you have your new profile ready, you have to search for the device you want to rent. You can search for it directly in its search bar or explore the different Grover categories:

  • phones and tablets
  • computers
  • wearables
  • Consoles and VR
  • cameras
  • audio and music
  • home-entertainment
  • Urban mobility
  • SmartHome
  • drone
  • Fitness

Once you have selected the product, you will have to choose the time for which you want to rent it, being able to extend it later from your account. Keep in mind that, normally, the more months you rent it, the cheaper the monthly fee will be.

To give you a couple of examples, if you want to rent the latest MacBook Air M2 for 3 months, the price will be €139.90 per month.

Other types of devices are cheaper. For example, renting a Segway Ninebot F40D electric scooter for a whole year would cost you €36.90 per month.

When you have decided which device you are going to rent with Grover and have chosen the duration of the rental, you will have to make the payment. They will ask you to add some information to verify that you are indeed a user capable of paying the corresponding monthly payments. At most, you will get a response within 1 business day.

Payment can be made by PayPal or card, paying the first installment just at the time of renting the product, although the monthly payments will be charged on the first days of the month.

Once you receive the order, you can return it to Grover by stopping the rental. Or the opposite. You can also expand the time you need for the months during which you want to enjoy the device.

The return is simple. You will only have to print your return label, put the product in the box and take it to a courier office.

Grover Terms: What if the product is damaged or stolen?

Grover will always send you new products or products in perfect condition that have already been used by other users. However, there are some things you should know, especially in relation to damage or possible theft.

If during your rental period the device is damaged, Grover will pay 90% of the repair costs and you will pay the remaining 10%. These damages refer to screen breakage, water damage, breakdown, or damage from misuse. The same in case the product cannot be repaired, where you must pay 10% of its value.

Within these damages, you will not have to worry about small scratches that the device may receive during use. For you to see some examples, Grover shows on his website some cases where you will have to pay 10% and cases in which you will not.

minor damage
minor damage
major damage
major damage
minor damage
minor damage
major damage
major damage

It is also possible to definitely buy the product you have rented from Grover if you think it meets your expectations. From the platform, they offer you the possibility of buying it at any time through a single payment or in monthly installments.

Finally, you should know that to rent products at Grover you will have to pass a small automatic credit check through CRIF Bürgel and Schufa (Experian, in the case of the Netherlands). In this aspect, it is essential that you enter all your data very well so that there is no problem and you can rent technology with Grover. As we said above, you will receive a response in minutes or at most in 1 business day.

Customer reviews: Is it worth renting with Grover?

Grover’s views are quite positive when it comes to the technology rental process. The request both on his website and through the mobile app is quite simple and fast. What you should keep in mind is that you will have to pay the shipping costs for your order, which start at around €4.95.

The credit verification process can be somewhat heavier, where in addition to sending your ID or scanned identification document, they will make you pass a video test to identify yourself and know that you are a real person.

There are also very good positive opinions regarding Grover’s stock. If you take a look around their website, you will see that there is a wide variety of devices to rent at very affordable prices.

But all is not gold in Grover’s opinion. Many users complain about the poor customer service company when opening incidents or processing a damaged product. Some have even taken up to 1 week to receive them after having paid the first installment.

There are also those who have received a product in poor condition, especially when it comes to mobile phones, tablets, or smartwatches. In general, there are quite a few drawbacks when it comes to receiving packages in good condition. Even some devices like Apple Watch arrived locked by iCloud being useless for the new user.

What is clear is that Grover is a good option within the technology rental platforms, although I do not think it is recommended if you plan to use the product for more than 1 month. In the end, many stores and marketplaces such as Amazon, El Corte Inglés, Media Markt, and companies offer good financing prices for high-end products with which, finally, you can keep them.

If you are thinking of trying a specific product for a review, a trip, or a specific project, Grover is reliable and a very good platform. Otherwise, you’d better value the option of buying in installments in a store or online.

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