How To Change The Color Of Objects In Photos With Apps Instructions And Tips

Do you like taking pictures and don’t miss the opportunity to capture moments with your smartphones? Maybe, in addition to shooting, you also like to edit and publish them on your social profiles

There are some photos that do not come out exactly as we would like and the various filters or tools to modify lights and shadows are not enough for the effect we want to achieve. What to do in these cases? We can use other useful tools. 

For example, do you have photos that you want to change the color of an object? It sounds extremely difficult, but it isn’t. Working on colors and modifying them at will is not complicated and no particular technological knowledge is required.

Don’t you know how to do it? You are in the right place, as we are about to explain it to you. In this guide you will find out  how to change the color of objects in photos with the app . Take some time to read, prepare some photos you can work on and let’s get started right away.

We recommend that you follow the steps that we are going to illustrate as you read them, in this way you will not make any mistakes and you will not have to start over. So, are you ready?


  • Selective Color Photo Effect
  • Change Color

Selective Color Photo Effect

Selective Color Photo Effect
Selective Color Photo Effect

Do you own an iPhone and have a photo of which you only want to change the color of an object and nothing else? Here is an application that is right for you. The first option we tell you about is called Selective Color Photo Effect

Once downloaded from the App Store and installed correctly, you can open it by clicking on its respective icon. At this point you can click on the Gallery option , you will have to grant permission to the app to access your photos and select the one you intend to edit. 

If you also want to work on dimensions this is the time to do it. Proceed to upload it to the app by clicking on Finish. Once loaded you can start with the changes.

With a tap on the Gray option you can start selecting the areas of the photo on which to work with the filter.

Simply click on it and then tap on the drop icon and change the color. This way you will immediately see the change applied. Of course, you can restore the original color with a click with a tap on the Color command and clicking on the sections you have just edited. 

You can work with precision, using the various brushes available. To increase accuracy you will also have the option of using the zoom . You can also take advantage of the Smart tool, to restore the original color automatically. 

The hue will be applied to the elements evenly, to avoid any smudging or inaccuracies. Once finished you can save the photo by simply clicking on the icon with the arrow pointing up and then selecting the Save option to move it to the gallery.

Change Color

Change Color
Change Color

Another option we recommend you try is Change Color . This application for Android and iOS mobile devices will allow you to make a change to any element of a photo by altering its color.

If this is what you are looking for, you should try it. Depending on the type of device you have, download it from the Play Store or the App Store and after downloading and installing it, start it by clicking on its icon. Now it’s time to upload the photo you want to edit. 

You will have to click on the icon with the gallery, then tap on the Gallery item to view all the images on your device. Choose from this with one click to view it in the application.

At the bottom of the screen you will see the tools at your disposal. Among these, click on the icon with the brush , indicate the color you want and start editing the photo by passing the cursor over the object of the image that interests you. 

To do a more precise work, you can either adjust the size of the brush or use the zoom tool to enlarge sections of the photo. What to do in case of an error? Here comes the gum comes to your aid.

With this tool you can go to eliminate any nuances. As soon as you have finished your work, you just have to save the image on your device. How? Click on the down arrow. You can indicate the format, then click on Export and on Continue to confirm the operation.

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