How to choose a PC case compatible with the RTX 4090

When building your own PC, it’s important to consider what type of case is best suited for your build, especially when you’re going to go for an RTX 4090. There are many factors that go into choosing a case, such as size, materials, and hardware. the aesthetics

For most manufacturers, the case is one of the first things they think about when planning their new PC. After all, this is where all the fun takes place: The motherboard, graphics card, storage drives, and other components are housed in the case. The right case can make a big difference in the look and feel of your computer. From accessible air filters to cable management and lighting, there are several factors to consider when shopping for a new case. Let’s look at some helpful tips for choosing the perfect case for your PC.

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Plan your build before choosing a shell

Fractal-Design Torrent
Fractal-Design Torrent

Before you start looking for enclosures, it’s important to plan your build. If you know exactly what components you are going to use for your computer, and understand the limitations those parts have (such as power consumption, compatibility with other parts, etc.), you will have a better idea of ​​the type of case you are going to need. For example, if you’re going to build a high-performance system with a powerful graphics card, you’ll want to make sure the case has enough space, cooling, and ventilation to keep everything cool, even during long gaming sessions.


When it comes to a tower or case for the PC, you must keep in mind the existing types that exist, such as:

  • Mid-tower: compatible with ATX, with dimensions of about 450x450x210 mm. They are the most common for PCs. If it has enough width for the new graphics it will be perfect.
  • SFF: they are thin towers and can also be placed upright, but they are usually horizontally lying on the table. In this case, they would not be suitable for the RTX 4090.
  • Tower: It is slightly taller than the mid-tower, and therefore has more space for a larger motherboard such as the E-ATX, and also more bays to install more units. This, if wide enough, could also be a good option for the RTX 4090.
  • Mini Tower: These are smaller for miniITX, microATX, etc. motherboards.
  • Barebone: This differs from the mini tower in that it has a more cubic design, and some could fit a large graphics card.

Size is important

When it comes to cases for the RTX 4090, size can be everything. Before you buy a case, make sure it’s big enough to comfortably fit all of your components, as well as have enough space for proper cooling.

If you’re building a large computer with multiple graphics cards, or one the size of the RTX 4090, multiple hard drives, a large power supply, or other large components, you’ll want to go for a larger-than-average case. Ultimately, make sure that the box you choose has enough space for the cards you want to install.

The materials

Materials are an important factor to consider when choosing a new case. Computer cases are usually made of plastic or metal. Both materials have their pros and cons. You’ll usually find plastic cases on lower-priced computers and those designed for lower power. If you’re looking for a higher-end computer case with a sleeker aesthetic and are willing to pay a bit more, you’ll probably want to go for a metal case (or mixed with other quality materials like glass). Metal cases are usually more resistant, have a more pleasing aesthetic, and are usually larger and of higher quality than plastic ones.


If you are very picky about the aesthetics of your computer and want a stylish-looking case (modding), you will probably want to pay attention to the design and aesthetic appeal of your case. Many computer cases come in different shapes, sizes, and very attractive designs. Therefore, if aesthetics is important to you, pay attention to all this.

Lighting options

Lastly, if you want a box with LED lighting, make sure the box you choose has lighting options. Most modern cases have LED light strips that can be controlled with a variety of different programs, including software installed on your computer, or with remote control. You can also control the RGB lights on your tower with software that allows you to change the color of the lights, adjust the brightness, or even sync the lights to music playing on your computer, etc.

Important to know the dimensions of the RTX 4090

MSI GeForce RTX 4090 Suprim X
MSI GeForce RTX 4090 Suprim X

It is important to know the dimensions of the RTX 4090 not only in the Founders Edition (FE), but also the dimensions of other brands that may vary slightly. The lengths are:

  • ASUS STRIX 4090: 357.6mm
  • ASUS TUF RTX 4090: 348.2mm
  • MSI RTX 4090 GAMING X TRIO: 337mm
  • MSI RTX 4090 DELETE X: 336mm
  • GIGABYTE RTX 4090 GAMING OC: 358.5mm
  • ZOTAC GAMING RTX 4090 AMP Extreme AIRO: 355.5mm
  • ZOTAC GAMING RTX 4090 Trinity OC: 356.1mm
  • NVIDIA RTX 4090 FE: 304mm

As for the width of this type of card, it is usually 140 mm, while the thickness is 61 mm depending on the chosen cooling solution.

Compatible Tower

The towers or cases compatible with the RTX 4090, cataloged by brand, are:



First of all, we have Antec, and I think it’s fair to say that Antec has gone above and beyond. They have not only confirmed which cases are compatible, but have even measured all major models from various Nvidia partners. Note however that the Striker and Dark Cube are the only ones that are only compatible with the Founders Edition, while all other listings are compatible with any of the models in the table above.

Regarding compatibility in this case:

  • Flow Series
    • DF600 FLUX
    • DF700 FLUX
    • DF800 FLUX
    • DP502 FLUX
  • Dark League
    • DP503
    • DP505 White
    • DA601
    • Drake 10
  • Performance Series
    • P10 FLUX
    • P10C
    • P120Crystal
    • P101 Silent
    • cannon
    • Striker*
    • torque
    • darkcube*

*In the case of the Striker and the Dark Cube, they are the only ones that are compatible with the reference model Founders Edition.

Be Quiet!

be Quite
be Quite

The range of be quiet! luckily it’s quite wide, and they have some pretty big boxes in their range. Given that the Nvidia RTX 4090 Founders Edition is 304mm long, the MSI 4090 TRIO is 337mm long, and the ASUS 4090 ROG STRIX OC even goes as long as 358mm, it looks like all of their cases will be compatible. However, the 500 FX, 500 DX, and 500 are clearly the most tweaked for the bigger aftermarket guys, so I’d stick with a Founders Edition for these models for sure.

  • Dark Base Pro 900 Rev.2 (472mm without HDD cage, 323mm with HDD cage)
  • Dark Base 900 (472mm without HDD cage, 323mm with HDD cage)
  • Dark Base 700 (430mm without HDD cage)
  • Silent Base 802 (432mm without HDD cage)
  • Silent Base 601 (449mm without HDD cage)
  • Silent Base 600 (413mm without HDD cage)
  • Pure Base 600 (425mm without HDD cage)
  • Pure Base 500 FX (369mm)
  • Pure Base 500DX (369mm)
  • Pure Base 500 (369mm)



It’s no wonder that, with Corsair being one of the biggest names, it has the best way to check if you’re buying compatible hardware. They have a custom PC configurator, so people can check compatibility and box size for themselves.

They seem to have a wide number of compatible boxes. However, if we look at something like Gigabyte’s AORUS GeForce RTX 4090 Master 24G, which is the largest card, at 359mm in length, it should fit in any 4000 series chassis or higher, but just barely, since it’s a really huge 4 slot card. On the other hand, you could not put certain types of front cooling and for liquid cooling, a 5000 series case is directly recommended.

Cool Master

Cooler Master
Cooler Master

Cooler Master is a great brand, and they already have an impressive range of large PC cases. It’s no wonder that the Cooler Master HAF 700 EVO E-ATX fits the largest GPUs on the market, as it is one of the largest cases out there at the moment. In addition, there will be other models of towers from this firm that adapt to the new cards, such as the following:

  • HAF 700 EVO
  • HAF 700
  • HAF 500
  • Master Box 500
  • Master Box 520
  • MasterBox TD500
  • CMP 520
  • MasterFrame 700



NZXT is another of the most popular brands of enthusiast PC cases, it’s good to see that they have fairly wide support on many of their cases. But keep in mind that many of them also support a vertical GPU mount, giving you more installation options. However, the H5xx series cases could present problems in some cases, being tight.

  • H7 Elite
  • H7 FLOW
  • H7
  • H510
  • H510 FLOW
  • H510 ELITE


Thermaltake is known for having larger cases than most. They often have wider case designs than their rivals, which is great for cooling and other mods, but now, it’s also a benefit for these newer oversized graphics cards. Unfortunately, we do not have specific details from Thermaltake officially.

However, the list of compatible cases from this firm is quite extensive, with models such as:

  • Thermaltake Core P3
  • Thermaltake Core P3 Pro
  • Thermaltake Core P5
  • Thermaltake Distrocase 350p
  • Thermaltake P90
  • Thermaltake Level 20 VT
  • Thermaltake Level 20 XT
  • Thermaltake Divider 300 Air
  • Thermaltake Divider 500 Air
  • Thermaltake Tower 500
  • Thermaltake Tower 900
  • Thermaltake H200
  • Thermaltake H200 snow
  • Thermaltake View 51
  • Thermaltake View 71
  • Thermaltake Core P8
  • Thermaltake Core P6
  • Thermaltake Level 20 HT
  • Thermaltake AHT600
  • Thermaltake Divider 370 tg
  • Thermaltake V200
  • Thermaltake S300
  • Thermaltake S500

Conclusion about PC chassis for RTX 4090

Beware of non-FE, which are somewhat larger than the tower you choose. To avoid problems, one of the most recommended is undoubtedly the Cooler Master HAF 700 EVO E-ATX, which is one of the largest, which will not only allow you to fit the RTX 4090 graphics card, but you can also choose greater freedom in the choice of cooling.

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