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You have finally decided to buy an Apple Watch to match your iPhone and, after various comparisons on the Internet, you have managed to find the model that best suits your needs. Now, however, there is only one last step left before completing the order: choosing the right size.

As with some Android smartwatches (see, for example, Samsung’s latest Galaxy Watch 5 ), Apple’s “smart” watch is also available in different sizes: 41mm and 45mm for the latest Apple Watch Series 8 and the previous Series 7, or 40mm and 44mm for the cheaper Apple Watch SE 2 and SE of the first generation.

The only model that does not create “problems” is Apple Watch Ultra, available only in the generous 49 mm configuration. 

Thankfully, the different sizes of the Apple signed watch mean no changes in functionality or capabilities; therefore, the “only” thing left to decide is the size, based on your tastes and preferences.

This dilemma mainly involves those who have never purchased an Apple Watch and therefore find themselves having to choose between two secondary options which are not superfluous.

Unless you want to opt for the Ultra version, in this article we will therefore try to give some suggestions on how to choose the right size for Apple Watch, to guide the final choice of consumers, which is still influenced by many other factors, mainly of personal taste and economic (the smaller size generally costs less than the larger one). 

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  • Models
  • Dimensions
  • Which size to choose

Apple Watch models

Apple Watch
Apple Watch

Except for the Ultra version, all Apple Watch models are available in two different sizes.

There is a small watch and a larger one, with different prices and different sizes, to better fit the wrists of iPhone owners. Let’s first see what the Apple Watch measures are, taking into consideration the models that are no longer in place but that are on offer in electronics stores and in the main e-commerce:

  • Apple Watch Series 8 and Series 7: Available in 41mm and 45mm versions, thanks to a larger display than previous models
  • Apple Watch Series 6 / Series 5 / Series 4: All of these models are made in 40mm and 44mm sizes
  • Apple Watch SE / SE 2nd Generation: The budget versions of the Apple smartwatch are available in 40mm and 44mm sizes
  • Apple Watch Series 3: the old Apple Watch was made in 38mm and 42mm sizes, thanks to a smaller panel among all Apple Watches

These dimensions indicate the height of the watch case, and therefore from one side of the strap to the other.

With the same model, there is no difference as regards the thickness (or thinness) of the Apple Watch, which always remains 10.7 millimeters (except the Ultra model, which as we said is competing on its own).

Apple Watch size

Apple Watch size
Watch size

Apple says choosing the right size for the Apple Watch is primarily a matter of users’ personal taste. First of all, you could have a few basic questions: do you prefer to have a watch that is a little more flashy on your wrist, or do you prefer to have a so-to-speak “minimal” look? Do you prefer a larger screen, with the advantage of being able to see content better, such as notifications? Is lightness important to you (the smaller version weighs less)? Do you want the best battery life (a larger Apple Watch has a larger battery)?

As anticipated in the previous lines, however, there are other factors that forcefully enter into the choice and can even influence it in a very marked way: the economic one, for example, is one of these.

In fact, smaller models generally cost less than larger screen models. If having a bigger screen (and longer autonomy) is not that important to you but you want to save a little bit, the smaller size could be a good compromise.

According to Apple, the  40mm or 41mm Apple Watch is suitable for wrists between 130mm and 200mm. In contrast, the  44mm or 45mm Apple Watch Series is made for wrists from 140mm to 220mm. Especially if you will use the smartwatch to play sports or sleep on it, thus taking advantage of the number of sensors available, you can calculate these measures to make a more compromised decision between the size of the Apple smartwatch and those of your wrist.

In any case, those proposals are only suggestions, and nothing prevents you from buying an Apple Watch more or less flashy than your wrist.

As mentioned at the beginning, it is a question of pure aesthetic taste

The discourse is also intertwined with the choice of straps. In fact, most of the latter have a length that corresponds to the dimensions of the watch; therefore, smaller bands are not always available for 44mm or 45mm models, and conversely, larger bands are not always available for 40mm  Apple Watches.

Since straps are a great way to customize your watch to suit your mood or outfit, it can be helpful to measure your wrist as a first step. Using a cloth tape measure, it is possible to wrap the latter around the wrist to obtain the measurement of the strap.

You can also use a piece of paper to wrap around your wrist and use a pen to mark the strip of paper where it overlaps.

The essential thing, however, is that the tape measure or paper adheres perfectly to the wrist and does not slip.

To understand how Apple Watch will look depending on its size, it is always advisable to go personally to any Apple Store and try the different sizes. In this way, you will be able to realize which are the original straps to pair for that model, considering that – as mentioned before – not all straps are available for all sizes. 

Which size to choose Apple Watch

Which size to choose Apple Watch
Which size to choose

Ultimately, how to choose the size of the Apple Watch? Based on what has been said so far, you will certainly understand that a lot depends on personal tastes.

If you like to have a flashy smartwatch on your wrist, opt for the model with the largest size ( 44 mm or 45 mm, depending on the version). Conversely, if you are looking for something more minimal, the 40mm or 41mm model is definitely preferable.

Then there are some variables to take into consideration. Having a larger display is advisable for those with large fingers, but also for those who simply want to better read all the information displayed on the screen.

Furthermore, the issue of autonomy should not be underestimated, as the 44 mm or 45 mm models offer longer battery life than their smaller counterparts. And if that’s a big deal to you, the larger  Apple Watch is definitely the best purchase to make.

On the contrary, apart from the borderline cases (such as, for example, wrists that are too small or too large), the price and lightness could instead favor Apple Watch with a smaller screen.

Unless there are more particular needs, such as price, large screen, and weight, if you have the opportunity, we suggest you try both models and make your own assessments.

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