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A good way to customize the look of Windows 11 is to change the icons. And of interest is the wide range of options with which to intervene to the point of being able to give a specific aspect for each of them. From a utilitarian point of view, icons are one of the foundations of graphical operating systems such as Microsoft’s Windows. Whether they represent files, folders, applications, storage drives, or other items – the computer, the recycle bin, for example – we find them everywhere.

Particularly on the Windows desktop, the virtual workspace where you can insert links to quickly open documents or software without having to browse multiple windows. So customizing icons is also a great way to personalize your PC. Let’s take a look at the different ways Windows lets you take action.

  • Change the icons on the pc in Windows 11 directly on the file
  • How to change link icons
  • Place a shortcut on the Windows desktop
  • Customize desktop icons in Windows 11 from settings
  • Useful apps for creating custom icons in Windows 11

Change the icons on the pc in Windows 11 directly on the file

Change the icons on the pc in Windows 11 directly on the file
Change the icons on the pc in Windows 11 directly on the file

The first way to customize the icons on the pc is to act directly on the file.

Just locate it and right-click. From the menu that opens, select Properties. A pop-up window appears on the screen where under the Customize tab is the Change Icon button. Click to continue. Now use the icon picker to choose your favorite icon. The default options of the operating system are displayed.

But if you want to use a custom icon you can tap Browse and choose an ICO file from memory. At the end of this procedure, click OK and then Apply to change the folder icon. You can repeat this process with other directories to customize as many icons as you want.

How to change link icons

Another way to go is to change application icons. Or rather their links. The steps are very similar to those shown in the previous paragraph. First, go to the link properties section.

Then on the Link tab, click the Change Icon button. In this case, all the icons included in the program are displayed. Select the one you prefer or, conversely, open your browser to choose one with the Browse button. The file must be in ICO format. Then apply the changes so that the appearance of the link changes.

We point out that if we pin it to Start or the taskbar, the shortcut will revert to the default icon. These changes only apply to the desktop or browser.

Place a shortcut on the Windows desktop

Place a shortcut on the Windows desktop
Place a shortcut on the Windows desktop

Most of the applications that we install on the PC allow you to insert a shortcut on the desktop, sometimes even in the Start menu or in the Windows taskbar. While some software does not ask for any permission and automatically creates a shortcut, this is a convenient solution because you end up with a direct link to the application ready to use without doing anything.

Nothing prevents you from placing others, personalizing your desktop, and easily accessing the elements of your choice, be it files or software.

The principle is simple: just drag an item to the desktop and create a shortcut there. To do this, you need to open. Explorer and navigate in the tree of the PC to locate the element on which to intervene: file, program, or folder, it does not matter. Then right-click on this item, without releasing the mouse button, and drag it to the desktop. Then release the right button to see a pop-up menu displayed. Then click Create Links Here. The icon thus created corresponds to a shortcut, which is a link that points to the original item, and not to the file or folder itself.

Customize desktop icons in Windows 11 from settings

Here is the possibility to change the desktop icons from the Windows settings, in the Themes section, in Personalization. Once inside, click on the desktop icon settings.

At the top, choose the shortcuts that should appear on the desktop. Then select the ones to change and change the icon using the Change Icon button. If you want to restore the default icons, follow the same instructions, but click the Restore Defaults button.

Useful apps for creating custom icons in Windows 11

Iconvert is a website that allows you to convert any JPG, PNG, or BMP image up to 50MB into an ICO file, the extension of icons found on Windows. This is the type of file to use to customize pc icons and shortcuts. Just go to the website, select the image file and download it. Next, crop the image and download it in ICO format, ready to be used as an icon in Windows 11.

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