How To Find iPhone With Apple Watch: The Super Easy Ways

Under the sofa or in who knows what other hidden place in the house. Losing the iPhone (or smartphones in general) inside your home is not that uncommon, unfortunately. But equally is the annoyance (and the waste of time) of having to recover it at all costs. Because, after all, it is really difficult to put aside the mobile phone.

Fortunately, technology has also thought of these small (but annoying) “injuries”. Thanks to the Apple ecosystem, it is possible to find iPhones with Apple Watch. A few moves and your smartphone will pop out again, avoiding having to go crazy with (desperate) searches. “Here is where he was”, is the phrase regularly recurring in these cases.

What we have just described is just the first of many ways Apple designed to recover a lost iPhone at home

There is also the iCloud platform as an alternative solution, however using Apple Watch as a “search-everything” tool can represent many a solution, as well as “fancy” (we could almost say, “007 styles”), certainly quick and intuitive.

In this article, we will therefore explain how to find iPhone with Apple Watch, but first, we want to give you some preliminary indications of fundamental importance: the smartphone must be turned on and must have Bluetooth enabled, otherwise the procedure will not be successful. 

In any case, these are quite marginal observations. If you are wearing an Apple Watch on your wrist and want to use the smartwatch to find the smartphone, it is almost obvious that the iPhone meets both the aforementioned requirements (turned on and with Bluetooth enabled).


  • How to recover iPhone with Apple Watch via sound
  • How to find iPhone with Apple Watch in the dark

How do you find iPhone with Apple Watch

The typical scenario is the following: you have finished a certain activity (for example, watching an episode of your favorite TV series, or one of the many household chores), and, now that you want to take a look at social networks with your smartphone, do not you can no longer find it.

” But where did it go? ” Is the phrase that will accompany your research. 

Don’t panic – your trusty  Apple Watch will be able to locate it in no time. How? Continuously emitting a short sound, or intermittently activating the LED flashThese are the two ways designed by Apple to allow you to locate an iPhone at home in an instant.

We inform you immediately that the procedure is very simple and probably many of you will already know it. Let’s see how to do it. First, unlock the smartwatch (if you have enabled the corresponding function, just a flick of the wrist and possibly enter the unlock code) and, if a certain application is running, press the Digital Crown to return to the main system screen watchOS operational.

Now swipe from top to bottom to enter the quick control panel: the screen, that is, where you can see if the iPhone is connected to the Apple Watch, but also the remaining battery and activation “on the fly. “of some important functions, such as airplane mode, alarm clock, night mode, and so on.

At this point, all you have to do is press the ” Find iPhone ” button in the lower left corner once. Identifying this icon is very simple, as it depicts a mobile phone with two semicircles placed on the sides of the mobile phone thus represented.

This image identifies the procedure imagined by the engineers of the Cupertino company to recover the iPhone with Apple Watch: within a few seconds, the smartphone will begin to emit small sounds to be located by its owner.

You can tap this button at will until the iPhone “pops” again. 

How to find iPhone with Apple Watch in the dark

How to find iPhone with Apple Watch in the dark
How to find iPhone with Apple Watch in the dark

Sometimes, however, the procedure just described could prove unsuccessful, for example, because the iPhone is in a somewhat abstruse position and the sound may be too weak. Or, more simply, in “in the dark” searches (in every sense).

Don’t despair, because Apple’s engineers have thought of this too.

By touching and holding the ” Find iPhone ” button on Apple Watch, in fact, in a moment the LED flash of the iPhone will be activated, which will begin to flash to send “signals” to be identified. Convenient, isn’t it? It is, in fact, a very clever solution, especially in those dark scenarios.

Do you know, on the other hand, that it is possible to find Apple Watch with iPhone? This is also the “magic” of the Apple ecosystem, made up of continuous connections of hardware and software. But this is another story that we will not fail to tell you in another article.

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