How To Find The Wi-Fi Password On Windows 11: All The Solutions

There are various ways to find the forgotten Wi-Fi password through the computer and connect a new device

Cannot do without the Wi-Fi password. But at the same time, it is also impossible to remember a long sequence of numbers and letters. Unless it is linked to a specific event or detail.

It happens because the option that allows you to automatically store the credentials associated with the Internet after the first connection is active (and is used by all of us), both on the computer and smartphones and all other mobile devices. Extreme convenience, therefore, but also a few too many complications because finding the Wi-Fi password is not such a simple operation.


  • Why it is important to find and keep the Wi-Fi password
  • How to find the Wi-Fi password via Settings
  • How to find the Wi-Fi password via PowerShell
  • The importance of always using a secure password

Why it is important to find and keep the Wi-Fi password

Knowing the Wi-Fi password
Knowing the Wi-Fi password

Knowing the Wi-Fi password is certainly useful because there are numerous occasions when you need it for yourself or others.

Think for example when you receive a visit from a friend or relative at home. How often do they ask us for the router’s Wi-Fi password to connect to the web? And again: let’s think about buying a new mobile device or a Smart TV to configure. In short, knowing how to find the forgotten Wi-Fi password is one of the functionalities that you cannot do without.

Once you have found the password, you can then connect another device to the Internet or share it. In order not to repeat the procedure that we indicate in this article every time, having to turn on the computer and remember all the steps, the most logical solution is to copy the network security key and keep it in a safe place.

How to find the Wi-Fi password via Settings

How to find the Wi-Fi password via Settings
How to find the Wi-Fi password via Settings

The first way to find the Wi-Fi password on Windows 11 is by using the Settings and the Network and Internet tab. The steps to be performed are few but very precise.

First, click on the Start menu or the icon with the Microsoft logo, and in the next window, select Settings or the gear icon. The alternative to open the Windows 11 Settings is to use the keyboard shortcut Win + I. In the Settings window select the Network and Internet tab from the left side menu. In the new screen that appears click on the Advanced Network Settings tab which is the last option at the bottom.

At this point, locate the Related Settings heading and click More Network Adapter Options. The new Network Connections window opens: move the mouse cursor to the Wi-Fi network, right-click and, from the next drop-down menu, select the item highlighted in bold Status. In the Wi-Fi Status window, click the Wireless Properties button. The new screen automatically displays the information related to the Connection tab.

To see the Wi-Fi password, select the Security tab. Now you need to click on the square next to Show characters to view the router’s Wi-Fi password.

How to find the Wi-Fi password via PowerShell

From one way to another, here is to find the Wi-Fi password on Windows 11 you can use PowerShell. This is the advanced shell available on all PCs with the Windows operating system on board. First, right-click on the Start menu and, from the drop-down menu that opens, select the Windows Terminal item. Then in the User Account Control window, select the Yes button to the question Do you want to allow this app to make changes to your device?

After the PowerShell window opens, type the following command line netsh WLAN show profiles and press Enter on your computer keyboard. Then type the following command line netsh WLAN show profile name = “WiFi-Profile” key = clear. Now locate the Security Settings heading: the home router’s Wi-Fi password is located next to the Key Content item.

Once the password has been identified, it can be shared with our guests or stored in a safe place so as not to have to repeat the procedure in case of loss.

This method is faster and requires fewer steps than resorting to the Settings and Network and Internet tab but it is also less intuitive. However, those familiar with advanced Windows commands can take advantage of this additional option.

The importance of always using a secure password

If you realize that the Wi-Fi password is too simple or can be easily traced by a second person (think of the date of birth), the first piece of advice is to change it. Let’s not forget that our PC often stores sensitive information such as bank details, emails, photos, videos, and personal documents.

Given the importance, it is imperative to use a secure password. Why not use a randomly generated password with 1Password ‘s password generator, for example? As the promoters point out, if you use the same password for both your email and bank account, an attacker only needs to steal one password to gain access to both accounts, doubling their exposure to threats.

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