How To Reset AirTags In Minutes? Quick Guide

AirTags are certainly one of the most appreciated accessories by iPhone owners. The affordable price and versatility of the Dov’è platform make this small circular tracker very useful for locating lost or stolen items.

If configuring AirTags is very simple, the recovery procedure is certainly within everyone’s reach, especially if the accessory is located near the iPhone. Sometimes, you may have to restore the AirTags: for example, because you want to give it to a friend, or to put things right again in the event of some malfunction.

In this article, we will see how to do an AirTags reset, or as Apple says, reset the tracker to factory conditions. I recommend: before giving it to someone, follow the steps listed in the following lines to the letter. 

We immediately anticipate that the entire procedure must be carried out from the iPhone, as the AirTags has no physical buttons; moreover, the tracker must be in the vicinity of the “iPhone”, since it is a Bluetooth connection.

There is still a manual reset, but as we will see it is a slightly more laborious procedure.

How to reset AirTags with iPhone?

How to reset AirTags with iPhone
How to reset AirTags with iPhone

Before going into the “heart” of the matter, we explain why it is important to restore the AirTags to factory conditions. When you first set up the inexpensive little iPhone accessory, the AirTags are automatically associated with your Apple ID. This baans that it can’t be used by anyone else unless you reset it. A bit like what happens with all the devices that we usually sell or give to third parties. 

Therefore, the recovery procedure will simply consist of unpairing the AirTags from a particular Apple ID, so that any other user can easily configure it.

You are ready? Yup? So let’s see how to do it. As we wrote earlier, the entire procedure must be performed from the iPhone.

Then take your “iPhone by”, unlock it (by entering any authentication method set, such as Face ID, Touch ID, or code) and, from the main screen, enter the Where‘s app (the icon with a green circle and a blue segment at the top). 

Locate the AirTags you wish to remove and tap on the name that identifies it. At this point, swipe from top to bottom with your finger to enter the complete AirTag settings and, on the next screen, click on ” Remove object ” (the red writing located at the bottom of the screen). A confirmation screen will now appear: all you have to do is press ” Remove ” and you’re done.

The AirTag will then be unpaired from the Apple ID and will be reset to factory settings. Very simple, isn’t it?

Now the little tracker is ready to be handed over to its new owner

How to reset AirTags manually?

How to reset AirTags manually
How to reset AirTags manually

The procedure we have described to you is intuitive, to say the least: it takes just a couple of taps on the iPhone screen to reset the AirTags to factory settings.

The essential thing, as we anticipated in the first few lines of this article, is that the accessory is within range of the iPhone.

And if not? Or if for any reason the AirTag received (perhaps because it was purchased used from an external seller) has not been correctly restored and is therefore still connected to the previous owner’s  Apple ID?

No problem. InTose the small, inexpensive tracker normally, it will be necessary to proceed with a manual reset of the AirTag. This procedure consists of a hardware reset and is recommended in the event of any accessory malfunctions. These are slightly more cumbersome steps (we dare say, almost “old-fashioned”), but not for this reason complex or difficult to implement, quite the contrary. And we’ll prove it right away. 

As explained by the Apple support page, the first thing to do is press on the metal bottom of the AirTag (the stainless steel back) and, simultaneously, turn it counterclockwise until the lid stops rotating.

At this point, lift the back cover to access the battery compartment: you just have to take it out of the housing and insert it again after a few seconds.

We are not finished, unfortunately, but we are almost there. Now press the battery until you hear a sound and repeat this procedure four times. Of course, you have to remove the battery first, put it back in and press down on it until you hear the sound. To avoid misunderstandings, this procedure will need to be performed a total of five times.

InOnlyfter the fifth “remove-replace and ring” will the AirTag be reset to factory settings. At this point you just have to put everything back in its place, closing the AirTag lid.

You can then set up your AirTag with a new Apple ID.

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