How To Reset The PS4 And PS5 Controller

Many of you at home will surely have a PlayStation 4 or a PlayStation 5 with which to spend fun hours playing your favorite titles. Among these, there are some very beautiful ones, both for adventure and sport. However, it can sometimes happen that some problem occurs, for example about controllers.

In fact, on some occasions, the DualShock 4 (PS4) and the DualSense (PS5) can disconnect from the console or show malfunctions. In these cases, therefore, it is considered appropriate to reset the joysticks and then bring them back to factory conditions.

This process can help overcome any software-related problems. If this is not the case, that is, problems attributable to the hardware, this operation will also not favor any benefit. It will therefore be advisable to go to a Sony service center. In this guide, however, we will illustrate all the steps to follow to reset both the PS4 and PS5 controllers and the Nacon ones, which are rather used by users.


  • Reset PS4 controller
    • Reset via the operating system
    • Reset via Hard Reset
  • Reset PS5 controller
    • Reset via the operating system
    • Reset via Hard Reset
  • Reset Nacon controller

How to Reset PS4 Controller

Reset PS4 Controller
Reset PS4 Controller

The PlayStation 4, despite having been years since its debut, continues to be used a lot by users. The titles have “aged” well, as well as the availability of new video games is still good. Due to the years, however, the controllers may show some malfunctions. In these cases, as the first step to follow, it may be useful to perform a reset. Let’s find out how.

Reset via the operating system

The most immediate and simple method to reset a PS4 controller is certainly to take advantage of the option available in the console operating system. Before proceeding, however, it is necessary to clarify the need to have a second working joystick with you. Do you have it? Well, we can go on.

After turning on the console, you need to press the “X” button on “Settings”. Subsequently:

  • Click on “Devices”;
  • Click on “Bluetooth devices”;
  • The list of available pads should appear: press on the one with a gray dot, then press “Options” on the controller and click on “Cancel device”.
  • Press the “X” key of the controller to “OK”;
  • Turn off the PS4;
  • Connect the controller to be reset with a USB cable;
  • Turn on the PS4, and press the “Playstation” button from the controller.

If you have followed everything perfectly, the controller has been restored to factory conditions.

It should now show no malfunctions unless the problems are related to a hardware issue.

Reset PS4 controller with Hard Reset

If you find that your controller still has problems it may be useful to perform a hard reset of the controller. In this case, before proceeding, you need to find a needle or a paper clip, as long as it is a thin and pointed object.

This object must fit perfectly into the hole located at the top right on the back of the controller. Before carrying out the first step, it is necessary to turn off the PS4 and press and hold the reset button on the controller for 5 seconds.

Now you need to:

  • Connect the joystick to the console with a USB cable;
  • Turn on the console;
  • Press the “PlayStation” button.

At this point, any software problems with the pad will have been overcome. If not, you should contact a specialized service center.

How to reset PS5 controller

Reset PS5 controller
Reset PS5 controller

The DualSense wireless controller for PS5 represented a “small” evolution – in addition to video games – as it presents several new features compared to previous models.

Among the new features, it is certainly important to include engaging haptic feedback, an integrated microphone, and an iconic design. In short, Sony has done a great job.

However, it can sometimes happen that the DualSense shows some malfunction. Before going to a PlayStation service center, it may be useful to reset.

Reset via the operating system

As we have seen for the PS4, and also for the new model it is possible to take advantage of the special option provided by the operating system. For those who want to carry out this operation, it is necessary to have a second fully functional DualSense with them. This procedure can be especially useful for solving small problems related to controller connectivity.

The first step is to disconnect the controller from the console. Subsequently:

  • With the other pad press the “PlayStation” button, then press this button again to open the menu;
  • Click on “Accessories” at the bottom of the screen;
  • Select the controller you want to turn off;
  • Select “Off”.

To reactivate the controller, simply pair the joystick back to the console, just as you did during the first use.

Reset via Hard Reset

If not even with a “soft reset” you have solved it, you should try the hard reset. Equip yourself with a thin and pointed object – also the tool you use to eject the SIMs from the phones – to enter the hole located on the back of the controller. At this point, it will be necessary to hold this button down for 5 seconds.

At this point, to pair the controller back to the console, simply connect the DualSense to the PS5 with the cable and press the “PlayStation” button.

If your controller has software-related malfunctions, this way you should resolve any issues. If not, you will need to go to a PlayStation Service Center.

How to reset Nacon controller

Reset Nacon controller
Reset Nacon controller

Among the controllers compatible with Sony consoles, those of the Nacon brand are rather used. The company makes joysticks compatible with various consoles, including PS4 and PS5.

Again, software-related problems may occur, particularly the connectivity of the controllers to the console.

In these situations, in addition to the procedure via the operating system – as seen in the sections above – it is advisable to proceed directly to the hard reset.

So, after finding a needle, you will need to insert it into the hole on the back of the pad and press the button for five seconds. After that, you will need to reconnect the controller to the console, just as it was done when it was first connected to the PS4 or PS5.

This way the software problems will surely be solved. Otherwise, the solution is always the same, which is to ask for the assistance of professionals in the sector.

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