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For those who do not have too particular needs and do not intend to tinker with the many functions of video editing programs for PCtrim video on Android is certainly the best option, especially if they have a device with the “green robot”. With a few taps on the screen and your favorite movie are beautiful and ready to be shared on social networks or sent to your friends.

After all, it is a shame to have to re-record a movie, when a few “ticks” are enough to trash the superfluous or unwanted parts and instead highlight the most significant moments of your party, isn’t it?

If we have aroused your curiosity and you are also looking for a way to edit a video from your smartphone, here is the right article for you. In the next few lines, we will suggest some of the best apps cut a video on Android, available for free or in some cases with the payment of a monthly fee, necessary to unlock further and more particular features.

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  • App to cut video on Android
  • Google Photos
  • Gallery (Samsung)
  • InShot
  • YouCut – Video Editor

App to trim video on Android

Cutting a video on Android is very simple: just download the appropriate app for the purpose and select, with a couple of taps on the screen of your mobile or tablet, the portion of the movie you are interested in. 

But which programs to download? Before going into more detail, it is good to make a preamble: an app ( Google Photos ) is already available on Android that allows you to delete parts of videos from your smartphone. You won’t even have to look for it on the Play Store, since Photos is part of the Google apps pre-installed on Android devices. 

If you own a Samsung smartphone, there is even an additional solution: the Galleria app, created precisely by the Seoul-based company to make even better use of the Samsung ecosystem and connected features.

Using one or the other is more a matter of taste and preferences: try them both and then decide which one is best for your tastes.

And if you want something even more special and with additional features (as long as you pay a periodic contribution as an in-app purchase), there are many other apps to cut a video on Android that could be for you. Let’s see them together.

Google Photos

Google Photos
Google Photos

Google Photos is one of the best gallery apps on smartphones. Its smart features, interoperability between different devices (mobile phones, computers, tablets), and an integral part of the Google ecosystem (which allows you to store multimedia content on Google Drive) have made it famous among users. 

As we have written several times, Photo can be used to cut a video on Android: since it is one of the pre-installed apps on all smartphones with the “green robot”, this will save you the hassle of downloading duplicate programs on your device, occupying, therefore, space unnecessarily.


But how to do it? It’s very simple. First of all, open the application and, if this is the first start, grant permissions for access to the multimedia gallery of the device and possibly set the automatic backup of the contents on Google Drive, to always have them at hand.

Once you enter the main screen, look for the video you want to cut, swiping with your finger from top to bottom (the contents are sorted chronologically, from the most recent to the oldest); alternatively, click on ” Search ” in the bottom menu to type in a reference of the video or search for it based on some options, such as place and type.

Now that you have finally located the video you want to cut, click briefly on it to start playing it. Press once again on the screen to open the Google Photos settings menu and press the ” Edit ” icon at the bottom.

The application will perform a short download of the video to allow you to edit it.

In the new screen, press the ” Video ” button at the bottom and, with your fingers, move the sliders on the timeline to store the portion of the movie you want to save. Remember: the grayed-out part refers to the deleted part of the video. If you want, you can also disable audio playback using the appropriate speaker-shaped icon and improve stabilization by clicking on the icon next to it. 

At the end of the changes, press the blue button ” Save Copy ” to complete the procedure. In this case, the app will not overwrite the new video settings with the previous ones, but rather create a newly edited file. This is a very useful option to always have the original video at hand. 

Do you want to crop a video on Google Photos? It’s that simple. Select the movie of interest, press once on the screen to unlock the function keys of the app, and press the ” Edit ” item located at the bottom.

In the new screen, tap now on the ” Crop ” item.

At this point, click on the icon with the rectangle with the corners highlighted and change the shot of the movie to your liking, choosing from the following options proposed by the app:

  • Free
  • Original (to keep or restore default changes)
  • Square
  • 5: 4
  • 4: 3
  • 3: 2
  • 16: 9
  • Vertical orientation

If the changes are not to your liking, you can always press the ” Cancel ” button and then ” Cancel ” again to return to the default settings. 

How to crop a video on Samsung

Samsung Gallery
Samsung Gallery

If you have a Samsung smartphone, you can take advantage of the Gallery app, which is natively available on the device (regardless of model).


Open the application and, if it is the first start, grant permission to access the multimedia gallery of the smartphone or tablet. From the main screen, locate the video you wish to edit (or type in a reference of the latter using the appropriate search function) and click on it to start playback.

On the new page, now select the pencil icon located in the lower left corner and move the timeline sliders with your fingers, to highlight the part of the movie that interests you most.

As with Google Photos, you can make further changes to the video, for example by adjusting the framing or by cutting out some parts of the scenes (above, below, or on the sides) that you consider superfluous.

When you are done editing, tap on the ” Save ” option at the top right to overwrite the movie, or select ” Save as copy ” from the three dots menu at the bottom right to create a new video and have a backup of the original movie.



If you want something more advanced, inShot is one of the best video-trimming apps on Android. It is available for free on the Play Store, for users with special needs, there is also a paid version, with subscriptions starting from 3.09 euros per month, to unlock additional features and remove advertisements, present instead in the free version.


After downloading the app on the Play Store (you can use the badge at the top which will take you directly to the download page), open inShot by clicking on the relevant icon and grant permission to access the device’s media gallery.

Now select the video you want to edit and press the green tick button at the bottom right. In the next screen, click on “Pre-cut ” at the bottom and move the sliders on the timeline to highlight the part of the movie you want to keep.

If you want to edit the video more “in-depth”, you can draw on the options in the app that will allow you, for example, to adjust the playback speed, cut the video into multiple clips, and “mix” the movie with the photos already uploaded. in the gallery of your device.

Tap the checkbox to save the changes and store the video. Using the appropriate option, you can export the video in HD quality



VideoShow is another good video editing app on Android. This program is also available for free on the Play Store and here as well, as seen with inShot, there is a special subscription program via in-app purchase to unlock additional features and remove advertisements.


First start the app on your device, grant permission to access the multimedia gallery, and click on ” Agree ” after reading the general conditions for the protection of personal data. From the main screen, select the “Trim” tool and click on ” Trim “, then click on the video of interest. 

In the new window, click on ” Cut selected part “. At this point, you just have to select the portion of the video you want to remove, by moving the timeline cursor with your finger and pressing on the orange tick at the top.

A copy of the video will be created with the changes just made, which you can share on WhatsApp or other applications installed on the device (such as Google Drive, useful for example to move the video from mobile to computer) by clicking on the appropriate icon.

YouCut – Video Editor

YouCut - Video Editor
YouCut – Video Editor

The last app we want to recommend to cut a video on Android is YouCut. Also in this case it is a free program, with the opportunity to unlock additional features (unlimited selections of photos and videos at a time, premium music and effects, and much more, as well as no advertising) by contributing 4.99 dollars per year (the first seven days are free).


Open the app on your device and click on the ” + ” button at the bottom. Grant the app permission to access the photo library by tapping the ” Allow memory access ” button, then locate and select the video you want to cut; Now click on the icon with the arrow pointing to the right. 

A new editor window will now appear. Click on the ” Cut ” icon and move the timeline slider with your finger to highlight the portion of the movie you want to keep. After completing the changes, press the check icon to save the video.

Like all other apps for cutting videos on Android, there are additional features that will allow you to further enrich the movie: you can apply for example music, filters, and effects, add text, adjust the playback speed, or even a sticker. 

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