How To Uninstall Apps On Mac All Possible Methods

You had long ago decided to switch from Windows to Mac and, thanks to the right offer, you have finally managed to buy your first Apple computer. Now, however, the time has come to configure it and start getting familiar with macOS, whose peculiarities could initially confuse those who, like you, are used to using Microsoft’s operating system for a lifetime. 

Do you know, for example, how you uninstall apps on Mac? This is a slightly different operation than expected on Windows, albeit not difficult and within everyone’s reach. To facilitate your period of “acclimatization” with the Mac, we want to explain how to do it, avoiding going crazy among all the functions and voices of macOS. 

We anticipate that there are three different ways to uninstall a program on Mac: we will dedicate a special paragraph to each one. First, however, we suggest you take a look at our guide on how to install Windows on Mac M1 and M2: it could be useful to recover maybe that program you use for work, available only on Windows.


  • Finder
  • Launchpad
  • AppCleaner

How to uninstall apps on Mac from Finder

To uninstall a program on a Mac, you must first enter the ” Applications ” folder on your computer. As you may already know, this folder is available in the sidebar of any Finder window.

Once this is done, it is necessary to locate the icon of the application that we want to delete from the PC and drag it to the Trash, which you can find in the dock bar at the bottom right. Alternatively, you can select the program icon, click on File and click Move to Trash.

Can’t find the dock on the Mac? No problem. Move the mouse to the bottom edge of the screen and it will appear as if by magic. 

At this point, all you have to do is empty the trash using the appropriate function. Then click with the right button of the mouse on the icon on the dock and press on the item ” Empty trash “, subsequently confirming the choice.

Before doing this, we suggest you check the files in the Recycle Bin: cleaning up means irremediably deleting all the files inside it.

Take a moment to check it out to avoid missing important content.

The system may ask you to enter your username and password to confirm the operation – these are the same credentials you use to log into your Mac. 

How to uninstall apps on Mac via Launchpad

How to uninstall apps on Mac via Launchpad
How to uninstall apps on Mac via Launchpad

What we have seen is, as announced at the beginning, the first (easy) way to delete a program on Mac. There is also a second one, equally quick, and very useful for removing the apps installed through the Mac App Store, namely the official store where you can download apps for macOS. 

To delete apps from the Mac App Store, you need to follow a few simple steps. First, you need to open the Launchpad by pressing the rocket-shaped icon located inside the dock and holding the left mouse button down on the application you want to delete. 

At this point, an X will automatically appear at the top left to press to confirm the operation.

A bit like what happens on the iPhone and iPad, if you like.

Again, the system may ask you to enter your username and password to confirm the operation: these are the same credentials you usually use to log into your Mac. 

How to uninstall apps on Mac completely

As you may have guessed, both procedures for uninstalling apps on the Mac do not also remove any “residual” files inside the computer. To do a “complete” cleaning and therefore delete even those files that unnecessarily occupy memory on the PC it is advisable to use a special program dedicated to the purpose: we recommend, in this regard, AppCleaner.

AppCleaner is one of the best apps to uninstall a program on a Mac. It’s free, simple to install and use – it’s effective, to put it in one word. 

To use it you must first install it on your PC. Then enter the company’s official website and download the program by clicking on the first result in the right column.

Once the download is complete, drag the AppCleaner icon to your Mac’s Applications folder, then start the program.

For the first access, it is advisable to press the Open button to authorize the execution of the app and it is also possible to select a convenient function that allows you to check any new program updates automatically. 

To delete the unwanted application, simply press and hold the icon of the program you want to uninstall by dragging it into the AppCleaner window. The “Remove” button will now appear on the screen, allowing you to confirm your choice. Simple, isn’t it?

This utility is also good for deleting apps that don’t uninstall on your Mac. Sometimes it may happen that a system error does not allow the applications to be deleted. Through AppCleaner it is possible to remedy the error, by cleaning your computer from those programs that are no longer used.

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