How To Use Google Meet 8 Foolproof Tricks You Should Know

A focus on eight important features for using Google Meet at work or for leisure

The use of video calling apps really took off during the pandemic and is still essential for many aspects of daily life today. In fact, these programs are now a very precious tool for carrying out job interviews remotely, organizing virtual conferences with people all over the world, or simply staying in touch with your friends or acquaintances.

Many professionals rely on Google Meet to support their professional activity, thanks also to its compatibility with numerous Google services. If you’ve never used this popular video-calling platform or want to take full advantage of its powerful features, this article is definitely for you. 

In fact, we will see how to use Google Meet through the analysis of some “tricks” that will allow you to make the most of this popular program.


  • How to check microphone and audio operation before joining the meeting
  • How to display a grid screen
  • How to broadcast meeting
  • How to record meeting
  • How to change background
  • How to share screen
  • How to silence participants
  • How to lower resolution

Google Meet: how to check microphone and audio operation

Google Meet: how to check microphone and audio operation
Google Meet: how to check microphone and audio operation

How many times have you ever joined a video conference and found that the device’s microphone or speakers are not working properly? A great embarrassment, isn’t it? Thankfully, Google Meet has provided some useful tools that can avoid these inconveniences.

Thanks to the ” Virtual Room ” function, it is possible to check the audio inputs and outputs before entering a virtual meeting. To access it, simply open the Google Meet invitation link and, instead of joining the call immediately, check the box at the bottom left of the video preview with the words ” Video and audio verification “. 

This way, you can make sure everything is working normally and adjust the microphone, speaker, and camera settings of the device you’re using to sign in to Google Meet

How to display a grid screen on Google Meet

Google Meet is a widely used tool for organizing virtual video conferences. But how do you see all the participants on a single screen, especially when there are so many of them? Like most of the best video calling apps, Meet also has a feature to optimize the layout of the screen and adapt it to the number of connected users.

Editing the attendee grid on Google Meet is really simple.

Once in the meeting, click on the three-dot menu at the bottom of the screen and press the “Side by Side” option. This way, you can adjust the window to your liking and view 6 to 49 other participants, depending on your needs.

How to broadcast Google Meet meeting

Undoubtedly one of the most popular features of Google Meet is the ability to broadcast a meeting on another screen, such as the conference room monitor or, more simply, the living room TV. You can do this before attending the meeting, or during the meeting. 

In the first case, just open the call and select “Broadcast this meeting“. In the “Cast” tab, click on the Google Cast compatible device now. 

If you have already started a call, just select the menu with three dots and click on ” Broadcast this meeting “. Here too, you will then have to select the Google Cast compatible device in the ” Cast ” tab.

Did you also know that you can broadcast a Meet call from your computer to the Google Nest Hub? This too, after all, is a particular way to take advantage of the large ecosystem (hardware and software) of Big G. 

How to record Google Meet meeting

How to record Google Meet meeting
How to record Google Meet meeting

It is very important for someone to record a Meet meeting. In fact, being able to review it later or send a copy to colleagues (perhaps those who have not been able to attend the meeting) can really improve productivity.

All you have to do is click on the ” Record meeting ” option from the three-dot menu at the bottom of the screen to start saving the video conference. 

Once this is done, a recording of the event will be sent to your Gmail inbox. And to facilitate consultation, a special folder will appear on Google Drive in which the recorded Meet conversations will be placed.

How to change Google Meet wallpaper

As in many video conferencing apps, Google Meet offers users the ability to blur the background or alternatively customize it with an image to their liking. With the latest updates, Google also wanted to make everything even more impressive by enabling animated backgrounds

To change the background on Google Meet before joining a meeting, first, click on the Meet invitation and look for the ” Change background ” button in the preview call. In the same way, you can blur the background on Meet or add a custom image. 

We also add that Google uses Artificial Intelligence to automatically adjust the lighting, in order to avoid too dark and unclear calls. 

How to share Google Meet screen

As we wrote earlier, one of Meet‘s strengths is being part of the large Google ecosystem. In fact, by using one of the many services offered by Big G, it is possible to improve working productivity, for example by sharing the screen.

To share your screen on Meet, simply click on the ” Present ” icon at the bottom of the screen: you can decide whether to share the entire screen, a specific window, or a single Chrome tab. In addition, with a new update, it is possible to share the view of a document  (for example, Google Docs or Google Sheets ) directly within the current Meet call. 

All you have to do is enter the document you want to share and click on the ” Submit ” button at the top right; then, press on ” Present card to meeting ” and that’s it.

How to mute attendees on Google Meet

Is the videoconference being disturbed by other people? Did any of the attendees forget to unplug the microphone? In this and many other cases, you can mute attendees on Google Meet. Just open the ” Meeting Details ” panel on the right side of the screen, locate the user who is speaking and press the three dots next to their name to display the mute option.

Google Meet call freezes: how to lower resolution

Does Google Meet call hang? This is probably the fault of the Internet connection, especially during meetings with many participants. To make the experience more enjoyable, it is suggested that you perform an automatic downgrade of the video quality of non-speaking people.

During the meeting, click on the button with the three dots at the bottom of the screen and press on the item ” Settings “, then enter the ” Video ” section. At this point, check the “Resolution” boxes to change the options.

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