Intel Core i9-13900HK outperformed by the i9-12900HK on Geekbench

The new Intel Core i9-13900HK appears in a Geekbench benchmarking software leak with a lower base frequency than the previous i9-12900HK and a slightly higher turbo which is not surprising either. This shows very little real performance improvement from the i9-13900HK over the i9-12900HK, leaving you dependent on the TDP of the rig it is tested on and whether these results are real.

Going by leaked Geekbench data, this 14C/20T mobile chip boosts up to 5.4GHz, while its predecessor the i9-12900HK (also 14C/20T) features a maximum turbo clock of 5.0GHz.

This higher clock may be the key advantage of the 13900HK, which doesn’t appear to have a larger L2 cache than Raptor Lake desktop CPUs. We would therefore be facing a scarce update on the Alder Lake-P. Still, it’s too early to tell.

Intel Core i9-13900HK vs i9-12900HK Scores

The Intel Core i9-13900HK scores 1870 points in the single-core test (up 3% from the latest leak) and 12436 points in the multi-core test (up 5% from the latest leak).

With these scores, it lags behind the i9-12900HK, which achieves 1824 points in single-core and 12754 points in multicore.

Intel Core i9-13900HK score
Intel Core i9-13900HK score

This improvement of only 200 MHz will not make much difference unless energy consumption is optimized and, therefore, the key seems to be in the cooling of the equipment where it is mounted.

Intel Core i9 13900HK geekbench
Intel Core i9 13900HK geekbench

Intel Core i9-13900HK vs AMD Ryzen 9 6900HX Scores

With these scores, it can be seen that the new Intel Core i9-13900HK is 13% faster in single-core tests and up to 22% faster in multi-core than the AMD Ryzen 9 6900HX.

What to expect from the Intel Core i9-13900HK?

With these data, the latest generation Raptor Lake chips do not seem to bring too many differences in performance compared to the 12th Series. As leaked, we can’t say that the Intel Core i9-13900HK is faster than the i9-12900HK, as even though it outperforms it in single-core tests, it falls behind in multi-core tests.

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