Intel Raptor Lake Official: 5.8 GHz, +15% On IPC, And +41% On MultiCore

Intel has just announced its new Intel Raptor Lake processors:  i9-13900k, i9-13900KF, i7-13700K, i7-13700KF, i5-13600K, and i5-13600KF that promise up to an improvement of up to 24% in gaming, 34% more fast for content creators and speeds up to 5.8 GHz. We are already touching the 6 GHz barrier!

This new range of processors is again manufactured with the 10 nm manufacturing process with Enhanced SuperFin transistors. We tell you about its news and technical characteristics!

Intel Raptor Lake i9, i7 and i5 are the first models listed

Intel Raptor Lake Characteristics
Intel Raptor Lake Characteristics

As we can see in the image inside, we find ourselves with the launch of the top-of-the-range model i9-13900k, the always interesting Core i7-13700K K, and the Core i5-13600K. All launched with their “-KF” variants without integrated graphics cards and at a cheaper price.

Intel Core i9-13900k the flagship and king

Core i9-13900k, Core i7-13700k Core i5-13600k
Core i9-13900k, Core i7-13700k Core i5-13600k

The Intel Core i9-13900k comes with 16 Core E and 8 Core P cores, for a total of 24 physical cores and 32 execution threads. Accompanied by a base speed of 3 GHz in the P-Core and 2.2 GHz in the E-Core. Where the fastest core tops out at 5.8 GHz on its P-Core and 4.3 GHz on its Core-E.

It comes with a 36MB L3 cache, 32MB L2 cacheIntel UHD 770 integrated graphicsDDR5 5600/DDR4 3200 RAM support125W PBP, and a base price of $589 for the model. regular, and $564 for the 13900KF model.

These three models allow overclocking.

Intel Core i7-13700K The best option for productivity?

This new processor comes with 16 physical cores distributed 8 in P-Core and another 8 in E-Core, having a total of 24 execution threads with a base speed of 3.4 GHz (P-Core) and 2.5 (E-Core). Its faster P-Core clocks in at 5.8 GHz, and the E-Core clocks in at 2.5 GHz. It comes complete with a 30 MB L3 and 24 MB L2 cache.

It allows up to 128 GB of DDR5 5600 or DDR4 3200 RAM. They have a PBP of 125W and a max turbo power of 253W. Its recommended retail price is $409 for the K model and $384 for the KF.

Intel Core i5-13600K, the best option for gaming

Finally, we have the i5-13600k which will be one of the TOP Sales for users looking for a good processor at a more moderate price. This i5 has 14 physical cores (6 P-Core cores + 8 E-Core), 20 execution threads, a base speed of 3.5 GHz and 2.6 GHz, which when Turbo is activated we reach 5.1 GHz with the P-Core and 3.9 GHz with the E-Core.

It will also feature a 24MB L3 cache, 20MB L2 cache, and integrated Intel UHD 770 graphics. Like its older brothers, it will be compatible with up to 128 GB of DDR5 5600 or DDR4 3200 memory, a 125W PBP, and a 181W Max Turbo Power. Its recommended retail price is $319 for the -K model, and $294 for the i5-13600KF.

Intel Raptor Lake packed with technologies

Intel Raptor Lake Improvements
Intel Raptor Lake Improvements

As we already saw the Alder Lake processors last year, Intel arrived full of technologies and with some outstanding motherboards at a very high price.

Intel Raptor Lake IPC Performance
Intel Raptor Lake PCI Performance

Although we already collected all the improvements in our article:  All the information about Intel Raptor Lake. We give you a short summary:

  • Improvement of 15% in the IPC, 41% in Multi-Core, and speeds close to 6 GHz.
  • i9 processors go up to 24 cores with P-Core and E-Core cores.
  • Thunderbolt 4 and Intel Killer Wifi-6E card.
  • Support for PCI Express Gen 5.0 technology.
  • Compatible with DDR4 and DDR5 RAM at 5600.
  • Overclocking capability. 
  • New Z790 motherboards.
  • USB 3.2 Gen 2×2 at 20 Gbp/s

Gaming performance of the i9-13900K: smashes AMD

Intel Core i9 13900k improvements in games
Intel Core i9 13900k improvements in games

Intel has benchmarked its new flagship Intel Core i9-13900K against the AMD Ryzen 9 5950XAMD Ryzen 7 5800X3D, and the Intel Core i9-12900K. In all the tests carried out, it wins by far superior to AMD processors.

  • World of Warcraft Shadowlands: +6%
  • Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord: +16%
  • CS: GO Global Offensive: +16%
  • Total War Warhammer III: +19%
  • F122: +27%
  • FarCry 6: +31%
  • The Riftbreaker: +45%
  • Arcadegeddon: +52%
  • Marvel’s Spider-Man: Remastered: +58%

All these graphs should be taken as indicative. When we put the new processors through our test bench, we will see the real results in the same conditions that we always perform for Intel Raptor Lake.

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