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Sometimes, small increments in applications become great aids in the daily management of the user. One of the areas where we increasingly give importance is in the organization of our contacts. It is no longer enough to have the phone number, we need the email address and even the link to the social profile. 

It is important to have people’s business information, possibly their photos, and even other data that are useful for our management. What happens is that with so much information, sometimes we have repeated contact. Then iOS 16 comes to help.

With the new version of the operating system for your iPhone, you can easily detect duplicate contacts that can be deleted, merged, or just ignored.

If your Contacts app is full of duplicates that you couldn’t fix, iOS 16 has a solution. The update includes a feature dedicated to merging duplicate contacts. This will help keep this app tidy.

Contacts Without Duplicates In iOS 16

In the Contacts app in iOS 16, if you have more than one contact card for the same person, the app will automatically detect the duplicate and notify you that this duplicate information has been found.

The “Duplicates Found” interface is at the top of the application, and if you tap it, the Contacts application is able to merge all the duplicated contact cards into one.

Until now, there hasn’t been a built-in way to quickly manage duplicate contacts in the Contacts app on iOS, so the new iOS 16 feature should be a relief to anyone dealing with Contacts issues.

This functionality previously existed on Mac but was not available on iOS devices.

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