iPads With OLED Screens Will Arrive In Less Than Four Years

There has been talking for some time about the possible use of OLED panels in Apple iPads. It is known that this is one of the ambitions of the American company, although so far there has been no launch of this type. Nor will the next model that those from Cupertino make official have a panel with this technology, but they have not given up in this field.

iPads With OLED Screens

Apple is currently looking for new suppliers, in addition to already working with some in the development of these panels. They will be ready in a couple of years.

iPads With OLED Screens
iPads With OLED Screens

OLED Panels

Apple is working with various providers to speed up this process so that they will be able to use this type of panel on their iPad. The company wants to combine rigid and flexible OLED panels, thus compensating for the weaknesses of the latter. This is somewhat important if you take into account that the panels for the company’s tablets will be large, in most cases over 10 inches, so the panels must be of quality.

Some estimate that the first models with hybrid OLED panels will arrive between 2023 and 2026. So in less than four years, the company should already be using this type of panel in some models. It is not known if it will be something that they use throughout the range or if it will be reserved for the Pro models, for example.

The use of OLED panels in the iPad is one of Apple’s great ambitions. It is a topic that has been talked about for years, but concrete details have never been known. Therefore, it remains a mystery if the company will actually end up using these panels in a couple of years in these tablets.

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