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There are several ways to share files on Windows and some of these take advantage of special functions embedded within popular PC programs used for completely different purposes. Did you know, for example, that you can use Microsoft Edge to transfer files to another Windows 11 or Windows 10 device?

This function was introduced by Microsoft just some time ago and is one of those additions designed to facilitate the productivity and professional use of one of the most popular programs for surfing the Internet in the world.

In this article we will therefore see how to share files with Microsoft Edge, first explaining what it is and how to activate the new functionality of the Windows browser, and how you can take advantage of it. At the time of writing, this feature is available for the moment only in the Canary version of  Edge, but Microsoft technicians will soon extend it also within the stable release of the browser.

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How Edge Drop Works

Edge Drop is a new feature of Microsoft Edge that aims to share files on Windows 11 and Windows 10. Using this function, it is possible to transfer most of the existing files to other computers (including audio-video, as well as the normal executables in .exe format, .iSO files, and classic PDF or TXT files) simply using Microsoft Edge.

In this way, each user will be able to download shared files on another PC without having to install special external programs, considering that the Microsoft browser is pre-installed on all PCs with the Windows operating system on board.

Just to underline the productive and professional scope of the novelty introduced on the Microsoft browser, Edge Drop also allows you to send notes or personal messages from one device to another through a special screen inserted within the program.

To share files on Windows through Microsoft Edge it is first of all necessary to respect some fundamental requirements that the Redmond company has designed to regulate the operation of the option. In particular, make sure you are logged into the program with your Microsoft account; also, you will need to use that same Microsoft account to download shared files to other devices.

It should also be noted that the Edge Drop function uses the OneDrive storage space of the connected Microsoft account; therefore, the shared files are stored in a folder called Microsoft Edge Drop Files of your personal OneDrive account.

To quickly access the files downloaded on Windows 11 or Windows 10, simply type the following path C: \ Users \ username \ Download \ Edge Drop Download, taking care to replace the username with the name of the PC.

How to activate Edge Drop

How to activate Edge Drop
How to activate Edge Drop

To activate Microsoft Edge Drop, you must first update Microsoft Edge and then make sure you have installed the latest version of the browser available. As we reiterated at the beginning, to take advantage of Edge Drop, the moment must have installed the Canary version of the program, that is, a preview build.

In the guide on how to use Microsoft Edge, we have explained how to check for new updates. First of all, simply press the icon with the three dots located in the upper right corner of the main screen and, from the drop-down menu, scroll down until you find the item ” Guide and feedback ” (penultimate item), then tap later on ” About Microsoft Edge “.

The system will automatically search for new Microsoft Edge updates to download, completing the entire procedure independently.

Let’s see now how to share files with Microsoft Edge. The first thing to do is open the browser, click on the three dots and select the Settings item (alternatively, you can use the shortcut Alt + F).

In the new window, click on the left in the Appearance section and press the switch next to Drop in the right section to activate the appropriate option. Once this is done, the Drop icon will be introduced in the Microsoft Edge extensions toolbar available in the top right section.

To share files on Windows via Microsoft Edge you must now click on the Drop icon, which will bring up a small window with a design very similar to an instant messaging app. You can use it to share notes, notes, and files with all devices on which the same Microsoft account is associated. 

Now click on the blue + button at the bottom of the interface, or drag and drop the files into the interface to insert the file into the screen.

Did you get the file to share wrong? No problem. To delete a file click on the three horizontal lines icon and press the Delete button to confirm your choice.

How to download files with Edge Drop

How to download files with Edge Drop
How to download files with Edge Drop

Now that you have uploaded and shared the file on Windows, let’s see how to download that same file to another device. Open Microsoft Edge on the other computer and sign in with the same account used to share the file. Enter the Settings category, click on the left on Appearance and activate the switch on Drop on the right page.

Also in this case the moment must use the Canary version of the Microsoft browser, since it is a function in an experimental phase and precisely not yet included in the stable version of the program.

Now press the Drop icon in the toolbar to open the interface and as if by magic you will see all the notes and files shared by the main device. By clicking on Download, you can download that file to your computer.

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