Microsoft has grown Windows 11 widgets

With Windows 11, Microsoft bet more firmly on widgets and the information they can give users. It does not want to limit its use to the areas it offers and intends to open these proposals to external parties and their data.

As a work in constant improvement, Microsoft has now brought a change to the widgets of Windows 11. These have become even bigger and with this change, they offer even more information to users.

As it has done with many of the latest features of Windows 11, Microsoft has decided to bring this feature into a controlled environment. For that, he applied it in the newest build of the Insider program, which this week reached users who follow this version.

The highlight of the new version is the new way in which the widgets are presented to users. They occupy the entire screen, thus being simpler to read and containing even more information for them to consult directly in Windows 11.

Control of how widgets are displayed will continue to be controlled by users. They will have the option to expand the display area with a simple click in a new control area. This will have memory and will become the way to be presented to users.

This new build has other news, albeit discreet for users. One of those that can be seen and tested is in the search to be carried out in the File Explorer. This will happen automatically and without needing to be pressed on enter.

Microsoft Improvements Fix Some Problems In Windows 11

Microsoft Windows 11 widgets
Microsoft Windows 11 widgets

Of course, Microsoft has also brought a set of improvements that fix some problems that were known in Windows 11. In addition, there is an increase in the general stability of Microsoft’s own system, when a new major update is being prepared.

Even though many do not agree with the use of these widgets, Microsoft understands that they are essential for the system. In this way, it continues to develop and improve this area, to be even more useful for Windows 11 and its users.

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