NVIDIA, GeForce RTX 40 For Laptops

After discovering that NVIDIA will not launch the 12GB GeForce RTX 4080, a new leak sheds light on Team Green’s plans for its next-generation graphics cards. Today, in particular, we discover the roadmap of NVIDIA RTX 40 GPUs for laptops,  which includes a large number of video cards of each range.

NVIDIA, GeForce RTX 40 For Laptops Leaked

NVIDIA, GeForce RTX 4090
NVIDIA, GeForce RTX 4090

To reveal which cards will be launched on laptops by the Santa Clara manufacturer is leaker REHWK, who posted a table on Twitter from a laptop OEM manufacturer explaining which RTX 40 will receive a “mobile” version, that is, designed to be integrated on laptops. The complete list includes six tabs, namely:

  • The GeForce RTX 4090
  • The GeForce RTX 4080 Ti
  • The GeForce RTX 4080
  • The GeForce RTX 4070
  • The GeForce RTX 4060 Ti
  • The GeForce RTX 4060

The leak is sensational for at least a couple of reasons. The first is that the GeForce RTX 4090 will be launched in a mobile version: a more unique rare event for such a high-end card, especially if we consider that the dimensions of NVIDIA’s RTX 4090 are truly colossal. 

It will be interesting to understand how Team Green and its partners manage to compress the card into the chassis of a laptop.

Secondly, both the RTX 4070 Ti and the RTX 4050 are missing from the lineup, although the RTX 3070 Ti and 3050 in mobile version were among the most used GPUs for mid-range and low-mid-range laptops respectively. 

It is obviously possible that the two cards will only be launched later, but it seems to the eye that their place will be taken respectively by the RTX 4080 and the RTX 4060.

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