PowerPoint How To Crop Images And Create A Table Of Contents

Among the many useful features of PowerPoint are the cropping of an image and the automatic creation of a table of contents

There are more and more features of PowerPoint to improve the user experience. Gone are the days when this productivity program was just a slide layout tool. today it offers several options ranging from design to photo editing. Let’s think, for example, of the possibility of cutting out an image. You don’t need specialized programs or online services: you just need to know how to use PowerPoint.

What’s more: if you are working with particularly large PowerPoint presentations, a table of contents helps you to keep track of how much to explain. Thanks to this feature it is possible to create a presentation lineup that acts as a summary by points for the presenter and for the audience who sees and hears.


  • PowerPoint and the function to crop images
  • How to crop images with PowerPoint
  • Cropping an image with PowerPoint to fit a shape
  • How to add a table of contents to PowerPoint slides

PowerPoint and the function to crop images

PowerPoint and the function to crop images
PowerPoint and the function to crop images

From a practical point of view, it only takes a few clicks and a few minutes to get to the result.

The Remove Background function in the contextual tab that is activated by selecting an image goes straight to the point. It goes without saying that since this is not software dedicated to photo editing, some limitations must be taken into account.

To be clear, Remove Background works best on images where the main subject is more in focus than the rest of the scene. But it is still possible to correct the result using the tools available.

How to crop images with PowerPoint

PowerPoint’s Auto Crop tool works with most major image types. Even those made available by internal software libraries made in Microsoft. Once the image is inserted and selected, the Image Format tab appears at the bottom of the menu. The useful entry is Remove Background, the first on the left. Just click to start a quick analysis. The system offers us the background to be removed and highlighted in an evident color.

We must therefore get the help of PowerPoint zoom to draw the outline of the area to be kept.

The selection moves as we trace it as the analysis system is already at work. Once the outline is finished, the circumscribed area is automatically added to those to be kept. If the final result is what you want, click Keep Changes.

Cropping an image with PowerPoint to fit a shape

Cropping an image with PowerPoint to fit a shape
Cropping an image with PowerPoint to fit a shape

If you want to change the outline of a photo to turn it into a shape, such as a circle or rounded rectangle, you need to use the crop tool on PowerPoint’s Crop Tool ribbon with the Crop Shape option. The software allows you to change the shape of an image by cropping it to a specification. The image is cropped to fill the geometry of the selected shape while maintaining its proportions.

If you want to crop the same image into multiple shapes, copy the image and crop each one to the desired shape individually. First, follow the path Insert -> Picture to add the picture to an Office file.

Then click on the image and then click Image Tools -> Format. At that point, in the Dimensions group click on the arrow under Crop. From the menu that appears, select Crop Shape, then click the shape to crop to. Then follow Crop -> Fit or Crop -> Fill to change the amount of image included in the applied shape.

You can change the position of the image within the frame by selecting it and dragging it to the desired position. Finally, crop the edges of the image by dragging a black crop handle and clicking the Crop button again when finished.

How to add a table of contents to PowerPoint slides

PowerPoint does not have a feature for automatically generating a table of contents from slides. To add a summary to the PowerPoint slides, you must first create the slide that will contain it. Right-click in the left column and click New Slide. Delete each block shape and from the ribbon click Insert -> Text Box in the Text section.

Then draw a box in the center of the screen: the index will be added there.

From the bar, click View -> Tree View. Now right-click on the left column and then click Collapse All in the Collapse menu. Select the slide titles with CTRL + a and copy them. Go back to the start slide and click on the text block you created earlier. Then use the shortcut CTRL + v to paste the slide titles.

To customize the text you need to use the tools of the Home. Start linking the various items by selecting one and right-clicking. Then we open the Link drop-down menu and select Insert Link. From the new window, click with the left mouse button on Insert in the document in the left column. Finally, select the slide to be associated and repeat the procedure for the various items in the summary.

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