Samsung And Apple The Only Brands Grow In The Mobile Segment

Mobiles sales continue to fall this year. History repeats itself in the third quarter of the year when there has been a 9% drop in sales except for Samsung and Apple. They are the only two companies whose sales have increased in this third quarter of the year.

Samsung And Apple Brands Grow In Mobile Segment

No other brand has managed to increase its sales in this period. So both have something to celebrate, especially given the poor situation in this segment.

Samsung And Apple
Samsung And Apple

The Only Ones

Samsung remains the leader in the phone market, according to this analysis. The South Korean brand goes from having a market share of 21% to 22%. This is not a huge increase, but it serves for the company to reinforce its leadership in this market. Apple is the other company that manages to rise, in its case somewhat more than the Koreans. Its market share goes from 15% to 18%.

In the rest of the top 5, no other brand has managed to increase its sales. Xiaomi maintains the same market share it had a year ago, 14%. OPPO and Vivo fall slightly, in both cases 1%. This market segment has contracted in the third quarter, with that 9% drop, which translates into 30 million fewer phones.

Samsung and Apple are crowned as the only brands whose sales are growing in this market segment. 2022 is not a good year for sales, with a market that continues to fall. Sales may be somewhat more positive in this last quarter of the year, but everything points to the year closing with a notable drop.

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