What is the difference between a shared and dedicated server?

Creating a Web page or an application requires certain steps (shared vs dedicated server) that must be taken into account for it to work and be accepted on the Internet. For example, you should choose a strong domain, but even more important is what is behind the screen, and what users do not see.

In this aspect, we can talk about the server that we want the Web page to have, which must be convenient so that it can have a notorious success. In this world, shared and dedicated servers are known; but, what is the difference between a shared and dedicated server then we will show you.

How is a shared server different from a dedicated server?

Shared vs Dedicated Server
Shared vs Dedicated Server

We don’t need to go very far to explain what a difference these servers make to the Web. At the time of wanting to launch the Web to the networks, someone is looking for someone to provide us with hardware with which we will get a database, a hard drive, and a server.

That server that this advisor is going to offer us can then be shared or dedicated, and that is where we need to know how they differ to know how to choose. To do this, we are going to tell you what it is and what you can do with each of these separately.

Dedicated server

The dedicated is server all alone for you as a user and creator of the website you want to launch. In other words, absolutely everything that this server can offer you will be available to you for each of your projects.

Shared server

Now, the shared server is the opposite of the dedicated one, which means that in this you must share the space with many other users on the web. By working with a server of this type you are sharing all the assets of a single machine with several websites.

So we can notice the difference here, while on one server you have everything at your fingertips with nothing to limit you, on the other you share all the resources. So, the best option for many is always to get a dedicated server or what is also known as a VPS, and we can recommend the Cheap VPS from IONOS.

To make a simple summary of the difference between the servers, we can make a comparison that is easy to explain and understand. By opting for the shared server it would be like living in a house or apartment with several friends because there they will have to share and distribute the goods among all.

Instead, the dedicated server is like living in an apartment by yourself, where you can take advantage of every resource it offers you without any problem. Of course, when we talk about this we also talk about costs, because a shared server is cheaper than the dedicated one, which is why many resorts to the first.

But before choosing a server for your website, it is also important to ask yourself certain questions so that it ends up working correctly.

What should you know before choosing a server?

As we mentioned at the beginning, you must be sure of what you plan to offer on your website and in this way achieve a reflection of its success. For example, if the Web will have a lot of traffic, and visits daily, you will have to think about choosing a dedicated server or a VPS if you want to have total control of the server.

Also, if you need complete resources such as RAM or the processes that it can perform, a dedicated server is better. Now, if you don’t know how to manage a server or you don’t have time or your Web will be low in scope, then you can opt for a shared one and you won’t have any problems.

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