Snapdragon vs MediaTek: What Are The Differences Between Both SoCs?

Today, We wanted to compare two of the most popular SoCs on the market: Snapdragon vs MediaTek. The mobile phone market continues to progress and market share is increasingly contested. The irruption of various manufacturers over the last few years has caused this market to evolve even more since the competition is fierce.

What are the differences between one and the other? Although indeed, generalizing is not usually the best procedure, it is equally true that it is relatively ‘easy’ to establish a direct comparison between both processors. After all, beyond the generation or the rest of the components that accompany them, you can perform a detailed study of the performance of both on different devices.

That is to say, a curve can be drawn using generalization through which conclusive and quite accurate results can be obtained. Always keep in mind, of course, that other factors can alter the performance of a mobile phone. As much as a processor brand is better or worse, it is useless if the rest of the components are not up to the task.

Snapdragon vs MediaTek

It is for this very reason that it is very important to take into account aspects such as, for example, RAM memory is another of the elements that can most attenuate or distance the differences between two processors. In this case, we are talking about Snapdragon vs MediaTek but we could establish the same considerations when we talk about Exynos and Snapdragon for example.

What is Snapdragon?

Snapdragon vs MediaTek: What is Snapdragon?
Snapdragon vs MediaTek: What is Snapdragon?

We have already answered this question before, although we will do it again so that there is no doubt. As the name of our article indicates, Snapdragon is an SoC. That is a System on a Chip. In Christian, a component that integrates all or almost all the modules that make up, in this case, the electronic system of our mobile phone.

It is, therefore, one of the most important components -if not the most- of almost any device, because the performance will depend almost entirely on it. When we talk about a Snapdragon SoC we are referring to a system mostly designed and built in the United States.

Samsung is one of the companies that use it the most, although it is not the only one. Snapdragon’s CPU usually uses ARM architectures and its general scheme usually includes an integrated cellular modem, as well as the GPU and GPS, although it can include other elements. All this means that, in addition to acting as a processor, it is also relevant to the quality of Wi-Fi reception or the phone’s ability to take photos.

What is MediaTek?

Snapdragon vs MediaTek: What is MediaTek?
Snapdragon vs MediaTek: What is MediaTek?

MediaTek is another company that also designs this type of component. In this case, the headquarters is in Taiwan, but it also operates in many other countries. In general terms, They are cheaper processors, so their performance is usually significantly lower than that of the competition. Its objective, then, is to offer products at a lower price.

They are widely used in Sony brand phones, for example, and in other smaller companies. Little by little, they have been progressing and it is possible to find some very interesting models, although they usually require a more exhaustive examination.

Snapdragon vs MediaTek: Performance

Snapdragon vs MediaTek: Performance
Snapdragon vs MediaTek: Performance

Having answered these first questions, we can now talk about pure performance. It will be this one who tells us, definitely, which of the two SoCs is more interesting on an individual level and/or which one usually offers better results in different areas.

For this we have carried out our investigations and verifications and, in addition, we have consulted sources such as AnTuTu 9, Geekbench 5, TechPowerUp, and CPU Monkey,

Through these, we have been able to examine and compare aspects such as their ability to manage temperature, their value as processors (speed, simply put), their battery management, etc. In general terms, we have obtained a series of quite concrete conclusions.

The first of these, before narrowing the comparison even further, is that Snapdragon processors are usually much better. The distance between both brands is quite evident when we talk about pure performance since Snapdragons are much better. The quality of the product is superior, although this translates into a higher cost.

Thus, we can conclude that the first and biggest difference between both SoCs, Snapdragon vs MediaTek, is the approach: Snapdragon seeks to create better and higher quality processors but at a higher price, while MediaTek is committed to smaller devices, but much cheaper.

Temperature Management

Although it may seem contradictory, the difference in power does not leave Snapdragon behind. Rather the opposite: manage better temperature, so they tend to heat up less and slower than MediaTek SoCs. It is a more or less substantial difference.

It will not greatly affect the lifespan of the phones under normal circumstances, but it may affect the end-user experience. Being frugal, it is more comfortable to use a phone that takes longer to heat up, since in some cases it can be annoying.

Battery Usage

In battery management and optimization, Snapdragon is also better. As a general rule, that difference in performance and power does not translate into less durability when compared to MediaTek. Here we also see why one is more expensive and the other is cheaper. It is your bet, which is transcribed in what we are explaining right now.

Processor, CPU, and GPU

When we talk about the processor, both are pretty much the same as they work as multi-core processors with various market options. Its efficiency, be that as it may, is something different since the Snapdragon comes out ahead when we talk about CPU and GPU. At least in somewhat higher-end mobiles. When we reduce the comparison to low-end mobiles, in both cases the final result is relatively similar.

Snapdragon vs MediaTek: Conclusion

Snapdragon vs MediaTek: Conclusion
Snapdragon vs MediaTek: Conclusion

Being sparing on words, Snapdragon is the better processor. In that sense, there is almost no discussion. It is a much more efficient SoC with superior features whose only weak point, in this comparison, is the price. Thus, distinguishing between one and the other is based on the situation and personal preferences of each one.

The final difference between Snapdragon vs MediaTek, then, is our focus as buyers. If we prefer to opt for a cheaper product, but of lower quality (although it responds equally efficiently), MediaTek will almost always be our final answer. If, on the other hand, we prefer something with superior performance, the Snapdragon is the right choice.

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