Starlink: The Monthly Data Usage Cap Arrives In The Most Used Time Slot

While in Europe Starlink is maintaining a very attitude aggressive, with prices in sharp decline it’s an extension of the offer on all fronts, what’s happening across the ocean should make us reflect on Elon Musk’s intentions to cash in on his satellite Internet company.

In the United States indeed, where the service is doing much more breach in the market, prices have not dropped since the March rise, and now comes a new tile: the roof to monthly use of data in the peak hours.

Starlink: The Monthly Data Usage Cap Arrives

As shown on the dedicated page, “Starlink Fair Use Policy“, the company intends to establish two types of” access “: one base is one priority. This second allows you to have access to the full speed even during peak hours (which Starlink considers those between 7 am and 11 pm). With an access base, on the other hand, if the network is congested, there will be a reduction in speed as the data flow is deprioritized.

Residential (starlink fair use policy)
Residential (Starlink fair use policy)

The idea is this. Residential customers have access from 7 am to 11 pm at 1 TB of monthly data to priority access. After that threshold, you pass to basic access, which entails lower speeds. If they don’t want this to happen, or they need a guaranteed stable connection, users have to pay, 0.25 cents per GB.

Doing some math, however, one realizes that pay excess GBs at least up to a certain amount of priority access data at peak times, not is convenient. In fact, for 500 GB, you would have to pay $ 125 a month which becomes 250 for 1 TB. At that point, it would be cheaper to take another subscription, which (kit apart) costs in the United States 110 dollars per month.

And it’s no better for other’s services. Service fixed business it has limits, always at peak times, that goes from 500GB to 3TBwith extra data at full speed that cost 1 dollar per gigabyte.

Users Mobility do not have priority access for recreational use, while commercial Premium and marine users are limited to 1TB and 5TB respectively, with the price per additional GB rising to a whopping $ 2.

Starlink Business fixed
Starlink Business fixed

We can understand where this is going. Starlink claims to have to balance the offer with the request to provide fast service to more people and to monitor the use of a finite resource. Even the rates of mobile data defined as “unlimited” most of the time they have a limit, which for TIM for example is from 600 MB but Starlink offers itself as an alternative to fiber and here the limit would be much more impactful, and even if in the United States the practice is not so unusual, the novelty will certainly not make its customers happy.

Grappling with the war in Ukraine, where Starlink offers for free a service that costs 400 million dollars and for which he asked the US government for help, the company intends to start raising cash.

The novelty will come in December for customers in the United States and Canada, but there is little to be happy about. The fear is that, once the European market is consolidated, they will reach us to increase rules like these that, if for a common user they may not be relevant, for certain categories they have an effect not marginal.

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