Steam Increases The Suggested Prices Of Games

Valve is going to adjust the suggested prices of the games available on Steam . This measure of the company is going to affect users all over the world, although there are notable differences between countries, with some suffering increases of more than 100%. In any case, it is something that users will notice.

Steam increases the suggested prices of games

The company wants to have greater control of prices on the platform , this is at least the reason that has been given to introduce this measure.

Steam Increases Prices Of Games
Steam Increases Prices Of Games

Possible price increase

Many developers were having trouble when forced to price based on country. Although it is understandable that this is done, since the situation of each country is different, it was presented as a challenge. Steam now adjusts the recommended prices of games , using the US dollar as its base or reference. This causes big differences depending on the country where the users are.

Valve adjusts the suggested prices, but this does not mean that the price of the games will increase. Developers are still free to decide what price they want their game to have. If they want, they will be able to raise that price, but it will be something voluntary. Many games may continue to maintain the same price.

Now we just have to wait to see if the developers are going to increase the price of their games on Steam or not . If this happens, there will be countries where this increase will be much more pronounced and will undoubtedly affect the number of games sold there. Valve has published the new price matrix , so that the changes established now with this change in suggested prices are understood.

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