Telegram Usernames Are On Sale, While Pavel Durov Lashes Out At Apple

At the end of Augustthe founder of Telegram Pavel Durov announced that the company was intent on making usernames available “premium” which are however unused: Durov had talked about the possibility of creating auctions to win these particular usernames (we are talking about names with four or five letters or words in common use), and that’s exactly what he did.

Telegram Usernames Are On Sale

Telegram has inaugurated a brand new marketplace, called Fragmentborn from the ashes of TON, a blockchain created by the messaging app team and never actually used. The most interesting usernames, such as @bank, @sport, or similar, are already available on the platform and auctions are already active to grab them.

The operation of the negotiation is really simple: after logging in on the Fragment site through your Telegram account, that’s enough to participate in the desired auction and choose the amount you want to pay for the username. Once the auction has been won, the username will be automatically associated with your Telegram account and can be used as you see fit.

Auctions do “they pay” with tokens, called Toncoinand currently all auctions start from a starting base of ben 10 thousand Toncoins (currently, a Toncoin is worth around 1.66 dollars or around 1.67 euros). At the time of writing, the most expensive auctions involve the names @casino and @auto, with offers of 157,500 and 115,500 Toncoins respectively.

Users who have particular usernames that are still in use will not be able to auction them, at least for the moment, but instead will be able to convert them to “collectibles” which is a kind of NFT.

Pavel Durov Lashes Out At Apple

Pavel Durov Lashes Out At Apple
Pavel Durov Lashes Out At Apple

Meanwhile, Pavel Durov lashes out at Apple: on Telegram, several creators use bots to monetize their posts on the messaging app, but the Cupertino company requires, as with practically any transaction that takes place on the iPhone and apps downloaded from the App Store, a commission equivalent to 30% or 15% (based on some types of content).

Of course, creators would like to use payment methods other than those offered by Apple to monetize their content, but that’s not possible.

Durov claimed that Apple “is not happy with content creators who monetize their efforts without paying a 30% fee” and that Telegram has no choice but to disable paid posts and channels on its iOS app.

“This is just another example of how a trillion dollar monopoly abuses its market position at the expense of millions of users who are trying to monetize their content.” continued Durovwhich concludes by saying that “Meanwhile, we at Telegram will work to offer creators powerful and easy-to-use tools to monetize their content, outside of Apple’s restrictive ecosystem.”.

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