The Best Football Games Right Now-October 2022

In this period of the Champions League 2021, all attention is focused on football games. It is in these hobbies that most, especially boys, learn the tactics of their favorite players and teams.

Football games are also favored to brighten up stays with family or friends. But the predilections are not always unanimous during these occasions. Some prefer to play on a console, others on a computer, smartphone, or tablet. The choice becomes more complicated when you make the choice when it comes to games. This reason led us to develop this ranking altogether. In this article, Macbound brings you the 10 best football games of all time, from the most current to the vintage.

PCs and consoles

FIFA 21: the monopoly of football games

This is one of the most popular football games around and the newest version of FIFA. This masterpiece is the result of the collaboration between EA Sport and the production company. The game can be played on consoles or PC. It is for this reason that it is at the top of the rankings!

Already, its speed of launch and its ease of execution gives it an advantage. It is Stadia, the platform of choice of the partner, which is at the origin of this fluidity. With this technology, no more missed jumps, missed passes, and unfinished shots!

In addition, the factory has integrated revolutionary features into the game. Interactive simulation, in-game statistics display, connected Volta mode, and many more are available. She also made updates to the jersey collection, which speaks to the richness of the game in terms of creativity.

These characters exactly meet the requirements of gamers, which puts FIFA 2021 at the center of the craze in the field of sports games.

PES 21

Playable on PC and console (PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X), PES 21 relies on its display quality to appeal to players. Its graphics are closer to reality. Thus, the tattoos on the right arm of Lionel Messi are visible in great detail.

Its enjoyable gameplay and smooth cooperative mode set it apart from other current football games. Moreover, the opinions are positive in terms of sound and image. This is why Pro Evolution Soccer 2021 remains a top-choice game for an impeccable player experience.

On July 21, 2021, Konami, the game’s lead designer and developer, officially announced that PES will later become eFootball. The updates concerning this new concept are still unknown, but it is to be hoped that the next one will be able to dethrone PES 21!

Soccer Manager 2021

First promoted in 2004, Football Manager has evolved a lot over the years. It now offers a better simulation in its latest series, Football Manager 2021. If console football games were once mentioned, this one is reserved for Macs and PCs.

Although the game has been around for 17 years now, its functionality is still quite basic. This is a huge advantage for insiders, but also for those who want to improve their game tactics.
This is one of the football games in 2021 that offers team management simulation. Indeed, the player plays the role of a trainer, manages a club, and develops the performance of the players. FM21 allows you to train future champions according to your style. It will also be an opportunity to highlight talents still unknown to the general public.


Dream League Soccer 2021

Now make way for football games available on smartphones! DLS 2021 is indeed one of the few applications to compete with FIFA mobile.

Downloadable on Android and iOS, the game allows you to find yourself at the head of the team of your preference. As such, the mission will be to manage the players well so that they win all the matches. Just choose the captain.

The strong point of Dream League lies in the possibility of personalizing and putting a group in its name. It’s exactly the kind of concept expected to stimulate creativity.

Stickman Soccer

This kind of football game takes on a less realistic aspect and belongs to a rather childish universe. With minimized rules, interruptions by faults are extremely rare. This actually favors the younger ones who are still developing their views and attention.

The strong point of the game is in the proposed modalities: training mode, fast mode, and seasons. This diversification was put in place to increase the player’s creativity. Reinforced by the fluidity of images and gestures, it also improves the reflexes of the latter. Besides that, Stickman Soccer offers ‘automatic’ and ‘manual’ choices on ordering options.

This entertainment is available on Android and iOS as an app. As explained, the game is ideal for children, but can also serve as entertainment for adults during long waits. There is even a feature to connect with friends. From now on, the download can be done directly via Play Store or Apple Store.

Ultimate Soccer

For those who want to play soccer games in their spare time on their smartphones, Ultimate Soccer can fulfill their expectation. This game progresses step by step and the objective to be reached by each level remains modest. The evolution of the user closely depends on it, especially since the game has no particular strategy

This game is characterized by its ease of use: the application does not require anything special in terms of controls. Thus, the player can manipulate his screen with ease. For the movements to be made, simple indications are provided so that he is ready to face his opponents in the stadium.

Also, it has features to form a clan and predict the positions of each team member for each match. To take advantage of all this, you have to go to a reliable source site, download Ultimate Soccer, and then launch the game.



Although this vintage football game has lost its luster over time, they marked an entire generation and deserve to be included in this ranking. At the time, precisely in 1998, it was a great pride for EA Sport to bring the World Cup back to life with a clever video game. The graphics may look unpleasant, but those who have felt the age pass will judge them differently.

This game still works if it has been kept somewhere in the archives. Its gameplay remains effective despite its simplicity. Its 3D display is certainly outdated, but that’s what gives an overall impression of nostalgia.

News Soccer

First released on Play Station 1, this game is known to have competed against FIFA and PES at the time. For senior football game lovers, it seems very surprising that Actua Soccer lost its popularity only in a short period of time.

If we remind ourselves, the concept was very advanced compared to the others when it was launched in 1995. It was even the first to use motion sensors in the history of football video games.

FIFA Street

Like all FIFA football games, FIFA Street has evolved over several series to reach its current performance. But video game fans much prefer the 2012 version, deemed the best of all seasons. 

The game’s graphics seem less accomplished, but the realism is there. In addition, the duration of each match is shorter than that of current matches. So you can enjoy FIFA Street during your breaks or downtime.

This series, almost 10 years old, has allowed many to master the basics of football. We can conclude that ultimately old does not always mean useless. Without these nostalgic elements, the video game world would not have experienced the performance it has today.

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