The Creator Of Android Launches A New Startup That Has Nothing To Do With Android

The man known as the “father of Android”, Andy Rubin returned to the fore with a new economic initiative. This time around, however, his endeavor won’t focus on smartphones but on “surveillance services” for the home.

The former executive of Google in fact, according to “The Information” has launched a new startup based in Palo Alto, California, named “Simple Things”.

The Creator Of Android Launches A New Startup

Android Launches A New Startup
Android Launches A New Startup

In particular, this company is expected to develop security monitoring software for devices such as cameras, sensors, and motion detectors. In short, a decidedly clear change of path for an entrepreneur who worked for nine years on the Android operating system, before leaving Google in 2014.

Subsequently, Rubin founded a couple of companies, including “Essential”. It was a reality focused on smartphones, able to raise $ 300 million in funding from organizations such as Tencent and Redpoint Ventures before closing permanently in 2020.

Some of Essential’s employees then created a new phone company called “OSOM” which currently plans to release a new phone in conjunction with “Solana Mobile”.

At this point, again according to “The Information”, Andy Rubin would have convinced some former employees of Essential and OSOM to move to the new start-up “Simple Things”. This is a decision that from an entrepreneurial point of view could return positive results and that could also convince other companies to participate in the new project of the “father of Android”.

It will be necessary to wait to understand the outcome of this new entrepreneurial initiative of the former historic executive of the Mountain View giant.

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