The GPS Of The Apple Watch Ultra Is Ultra Precise The Mower Proof

To measure the precision of the GPS of the Apple Watch Ultra, a smart guy had the idea of ​​tracking his route while passing the mower. And it appears that the connected watch is doing very well.

One of the highlights of the last Apple keynote was the announcement of the Apple Watch Ultra, the brand’s first truly premium-oriented connected watch model.

The Mower Test

After the release of the first tests of the Apple Watch Ultra, it’s the turn of a Reddit user to test the capabilities of the smartwatch, which was subjected to a test that was original, to say the least: tracking the course of a lawnmower.

The test isn’t as far-fetched as you might think: mowing requires going back and forth over a limited area, and it can be a good way to give an idea of ​​the accuracy new GPS.

The test author compared the GPS performance of the Apple Watch Ultra to that of the Apple Watch Series 4 by performing the same route with both watches. As you can see in the screenshots below, the results are very different and the Apple Watch Ultra is much more accurate.

The first dual-frequency GPS on an Apple Watch

“Did you drink alcohol for the Apple Watch Series 4 test?” “, even jokes another Internet user, so much the follow-up of the course for this model seems improbable.

During the presentation of the Apple Watch Ultra, the American group insisted on the precision of its dual-frequency GPS, a first on an Apple Watch. The connected watch thus combines the L1 frequency band (1,575.42 MHz) with the L5 band (1,176.45 MHz) to improve the GPS signal, and collect more accurate location information, all while consuming less energy.

The Apple Watch Ultra should therefore do much better than its counterparts in historic centers with narrow streets, as well as on hiking trails.

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